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Bruce [userpic]
Now, THAT Was Fun!

I didn't really manage to get up and out until after 5:00pm - so I went in search of food. I eventually found it at Hobee's, and took enough time that I could head for the bar.

So I got there at 7:00pm, and had everything hooked up and ready to go by 8:00pm.

Around then, cybrenn walked in, and talked about his light installation, so I walked over to Gay Melrose to take a look. Impressive doesn't begin to cover it. If you have a chance, go over and see it. He's got the songs running from 7:00pm to 10:00pm every night.

I got back just before 8:30pm, and people had already begun to gather - including princesskiti22. We quickly discussed our division of labor, and I started writing up songs.

I think I was ready by about 8:40pm. No matter. We had around 4 rotations of about 5 people, and then at 10:00pm had a nice little crowd come in. And from there some comings and goings until the end of the night, and the end of the 8th round.

Keri and I (mostly I) had a bit of a learning curve, but not a huge one. Though I suppose I can blame the unfamiliarity for the 3 major song fuck-ups. Three times I gave the wrong song to the wrong person. Sigh.

Keri did just an awesome job. She had people involved, and cheering, and clapping. She was dancing with most every song, I was up in the booth dancing with most every song, it was just a whole load of fun.

We had some interesting people come in, too. Keri's friend Nate came along with her, sang just about every round, and now has an envelope. Aash came back and sang a couple of songs - with a Laura rather than an Alie this time. There was a smartly dressed hetero couple that were all over each other - the man's name was David, and he sang a couple of times, extremely well. He got a little self-conscious about doing country, and I spent a little time encouraging him to sing whatever he damn well pleased.

snafflekid was there from the beginning, enjoying his older country kick. Given that, I'm still not sure what David was worrying about. We had a few hours of trivialt, and quite a bit of justnate. Not to mention lucydogstringer.

timenchanter behaved himself, and left at a reasonable hour. sjgrrrl did not. 'Nuff said. And we had the usual complement of markobellydance and celticnoor and Daniel and supersniffles.

I was loaded up, paid, and out of there by about 2:30am, and went in search of sustenance, with one slight complication: The ratchet spring on my parking brake stopped working, meaning that while the brake "works", the thing that keeps it in a working position doesn't.

I tried three different coffee shop parking lots until I found one that had a free space with low local potential. It's now parked in the back of the Duplex - in first gear.

Tomorrow I get to decide whether to take it in, or try to fix it myself. Money's kind of tightish right now...

So it goes. More immediately, I think sleep is in order.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: cheerfulcheerful

I'm sorry I missed it, but I needed to go home last night for my own mental health. *wry smile*

No biggie, dear.

Besides, this was just the standard for Thursdays to come. :-)

Put some sort of solid object underneath it to keep it up. Like a can or something.

I thought of that, put given the "fluid" look of the late 90s Fords, most cans would just pop out.

While I was gone, of course.

The exact right size Nerf football might work, were they to exist.

Anyway, I've looked up how to take off the parking brake console (It's supposedly easy, which seems to me to be counter to the whole car manufacturer theory of trim management), and I'm going to take a look at it in a bit. In all likelihood a spring gave up the ghost, and I may be able to get a replacement at a Pick'N'Pull or equivalent.

Well, it IS just a simple lever mechanism :) I think you can fix it no problem. Just, you know, propping it up was an "in the meantime" sort of thing :)

True - though to be a complete nerd, what actually broke was the not-quite-as-simple ratchet mechanism. :-p

My first thought in the KoC parking lot was that I should find something to prop it up.

Which was followed by a complete blank as to what would do it successfully, given the shape of the console - especially since, let's face it, the arm of that simple lever mechanism is still spring-loaded, and when levered up sufficiently to have an effect, will tend to eject whatever's propped under it...

But eh, I can park it on gradual slopes by putting it in the correct gear, and there's always that old "turn your wheels in" for parallel parking. I can actually survive with it like this for a few days.

Good to know - I figured first or reverse should hold it reasonably well, but that's just using engine friction to hold the car in place.

And, y'know, a car's pretty heavy...

I can attest that there is nothing quite like going to traffic school for "failure to set parking brake/defective parking brake". The instructor basically ignored me after surveying the class and counting how many were there only after doing time in hospital or other facility as a result of their vehicle code violations.


I've normally (sigh, yes, I've gone enough times for there to be a "normally") only been there with a bunch of other speeders.

Depending on the vehicle, Reverse has a smaller gear ratio than 1st, so on those vehicles it's actually safer to use R.

But I'd think you'd want to use the correct gear for the slant you're on...

I guess its nice to have a social life. this weekend is so packed with my churches' Christmas Contata-ta-ta that I have like no time to wrap or see friends. oye! Some one give me some fun!!!!

And here I thought church was supposed to be a social life...