Bruce (kor27) wrote,

The New Zealand Invasion

I managed to get a parking space just behind the baggage claim at SJC, heard turn2nz and Sabrina coming down the escalators, and as I walked up behind them Sabrina turned, yelled "Bruce!", and just about knocked me down.

Frida wasn't too far behind.

Sometimes I get this feeling people might like me.

We got Sabrina deposited with her old nanny (or, as Sabrina insists "her second mom"). It took longer than it should, because of my amazing propensity for wrong turns.

I mean, give me a break. It was before freakin' noon.

Frida and I grabbed some lunch (OK, she bought me lunch at Consuelo), then we zoomed up to the Great Mall, with a slight break while I, um, reinflated my right front tire. The one people have been telling me about...

Apparently the shopping in NZ is pretty dismal, so Frida was going just slightly berserk. It was a lot of fun. Of course, in between stores, she kept telling me about how backward, and limited, and conservative the place is, how stupid a lot of the people are, and oh by the way she has this great friend there who's looking for a husband and I'd be perfect.

I've so missed her.

I got her back to her hotel at about 5:30pm. As it turned out, we turned in right behind Stuart. They headed in to their room, and I swam back home through traffic to nap a bit before going back to have dinner at 7:00pm. What with the schedule change and running around, I had the start of a migraine, and needed some rest.

I got a little less than an hour before an excited timenchanter roused me, and we headed back up to meet them at Yakko for dinner. Which was, of course, a marvelous time.

After dinner, we wandered up and down Castro St. for a while, despite the temperature, and stopped in at Red Rock for some hot drinks. Then a walk to their hotel, a little talking in the lounge there, and finally we broke up and headed our separate ways around 11:00pm.

I got home, and did two things. One, I put the lining in my jacket. Two, I went to bed. It was a great time, but my head was very unhappy. I woke up around 5:20am with some remnants of the headache, a desire to run out and grab something to eat, and a definite enjoyment of the heat of my comforter. The comforter won out, and I went back to sleep.

Interesting dreams. Some red, rough-skinned, and vaguely dog-like being had created a large number of smaller beings, then had proceeded to be a tyrant over them. They were revolting, and apparently the revolution was slowly winning.

There was some background understanding that once he was overthrown - and dead - my headache would go away. I cheered them on.

For whatever reason, I woke up around 1:00pm with no headache. I've been catching up on LJ - and writing this - since. Now it's a matter of getting myself clean and dressed, and maybe even fed.

princesskiti22 as hostess tonight! Woo!

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