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January 2019
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Bruce [userpic]

After my last post I fiddled around quite a bit, created another t-shirt design (which has since been approved. I of course still haven't put any designs up for sale, 'cause that would be, like, productive), and got to bed around 7:30am.

Even with the delay, I spent an amazing amount of time trying to fend off that 3am tuna melt. It happens every time, but it tastes so good...

'Round about 4:00pm, I got up, cleaned up, and started playing with recording settings on the rack. I even figured out a problem I'd had when recording cekyr0. Then I actually cleaned up the place a little bit.

OK, I took out the garbage. Given how much I let it accumulate, that's somewhat of an accomplishment. It's perhaps telling how much of a spiderweb was built over the garbage bags...

Around 7:40pm, my visitor made it here, and we started our little recording project.

So far, it looks like four takes is the most anyone manages before deciding the result is good enough.

Four takes of not, it took about an hour - it was 8:40pm by the time we decided what we had was good enough, and zipped out for some dinner at Chili's.

Then I got home, and both surfed and fiddled with sound for a few hours. I was happy with the track by about 11:00pm. It's amazing how long it takes - but then, I don't do this that often.

And I'll be able to say who it was - and maybe even post a link to the track - post-solstice celebrations.

I got to bed at the unheard-of hour of 1:00am, because I needed to be up and dressed by around nowish - which I am - to go pick up turn2nz and Sabrina at the airport. They're out visiting for the week, and I'm going to get to see them!

I'm pretty excited - I haven't seen them since I visited them in NZ! And that was over a year ago!

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Mood: bouncybouncy

o/` Take two-hundred-and-seventy-six
You know, this used to be fun o/`

(20 points to anyone OTHER than you who gets the reference.)

You know, I just never was that much of a fan of theirs.

Sacrilegious, I know.

No condemnation here. I've never been one for the whole "OMG you have to like these people!" mindset. It's why I'm only just now developing an appreciation for Floyd and Zep.

Yeah, well I haven't seen them since they moved, so I win! When do *I* get to see them? WAaaaaaaah!!!!!

i can never say no to a tuna melt ever.

I know. They're just... so... yummy...

Don't forget about that party I told you about this weekend. :) The link to the directions are on my LJ. :)

I probably won't be able to make it. I'll be at my parents' place from early in the day, doing plumbing.


The present was a rousing success, and you're welcome to post a link. :D

Then I shall have to do so!