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Bruce [userpic]
Another Night at KoC

After my last post I, well, slept. And slept. I woke up for a bit at 11:40am, but then popped back to sleep - and didn't wake up again until a little after 5:00pm.

It's a hard life.

I managed to pull myself together, cleaned up, got some dinner at Panera, then made it to the bar a tad later - around 7:40pm. kshandra was already there, as well as some visitor, I assume from around the corner.

They were running the jukebox until a little after 8:00pm, and I ran videos until around 8:30pm, then decided to start the show - with just Kirsten and myself. Some people showed up - k_magic and the very yummy hektikat - but I didn't get another singer until timenchanter arrived around 9:40pm.

So the first half of the evening was pretty slow. I mean, even after snafflekid got there, the rotation was only about 18 minutes long.

That all changed at about, I believe, 11:00pm. First of all, spawrhawk showed up with his friend Brian in tow (Duplex? Hmmmm....). Then we got an sjgrrrl, a Shawn, and an Eddie, shortly followed by John, and then supersniffles. It turned into a fairly nice little party - even if Kirsten had to be reasonable, and head off to sleep.

And to top things off, lucydogstringer came in.

Much, much fun. Eddie was doing duets with Timmie, Shawn sang a song into his phone for lizzstar, and we just had general mayhem. The exact sort of thing that makes me love the job, which is good, because selecting songs for Mondays is a pain in the ass. I'm always exhausted by the end of the night.

I was mostly doing a fairly good job of it, except for Timmie. I just couldn't seem to tune into songs that would be good for him. Ah well.

In the end, I ran for 15 rotations, ending at 1:55am. I played videos until about 2:15am or so, then somehow got out the door and the car loaded by 2:30am. And then talked with Lily in the cold for another 20 minutes...

The bar did OK for a Monday. Of course, it did OK for a Monday on Sunday, too, so income was down by near 40% from average. Kinda sucks, but there it is - for one thing, everyone seems to be low on cash this month, and I can't exactly expect people to spend what they've got at the bar.

Entertainment is a lower priority than, say, food and shelter, after all.

Anyway, from there to Mini Gourmet, and here I am - and from here I'll be heading home quite shortly.

Current Location: Mini Gourmet
Mood: tiredtired

Yeah, I don't know what it was last night...I just wasn't feeling it. Ah well it was fun. And for the last few rounds Eddie took care of it for us. :-)

Why did I have trouble waking up this morning?

I was also scrambling, and having a terrible time finding anything at all for you to sing - which is very odd, because it's normally very easy.

As far as waking up - probably the same reason you had trouble last night. This is very lazy weather.

Well last night it was because I was so tired beforehand. But I wasn't all that tired when I went to bed last night. Which is why I had time for that post. Ah well... In the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter much.

Correction - You got another singer when I came in around 9:30 or so ;-).


I always forget someone! Why do I always forget someone? Arrgh!

Sorry, dear.

I really need to find the Seattle version of KoC. I always get a tiny bit sad when I read about the fun you all have.

Wish I could help you there.

I imagine it would have to somehow involve coffee...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: I Heart the KOC!

I did wonder...

And yes, yes you do. Remind me to give you one the next time I see you. ;-)


"Thet were running the jukebox..." uhhhhhhhhh....is there really a jukebox there, or is that you're way of saying they were just spinning random cds???

Re: heh???

We have a modern, state-of-the-art mp3 jukebox, net-connected, with its own very nice Bose sound system.

It's also fairly expensive - like a dollar a song, though I think you get 6 or 7 for $5. I also heard tell that if it needs to pull the song down over the net, that costs two credits.

We're supposed to be able to use its DSL connection for local WiFi, but I've got to find out what's going on with that. My info on it comes from Paula, who is mightily confused by technology.