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Bruce [userpic]

I of course didn't get to bed at a reasonable time yesterday morning.

First of all, I put all that work into my latest religion post, then I suddenly realized I needed to do laundry. That kept me up until 5:30am or so, but at least I now have clean sheets, and the pizza sauce has been removed from my bathrobe.

Go me.

Then sleep. I woke up around 12:40pm, and started on that whole "waking up" exercise that always takes me several hours. By some miracle, I made it to moahb's housewarming party only half an hour late at 3:30pm.

I had planned to leave for my parents' place at something like 4:00pm, but instead I had a drink, and a shot, and didn't head up there until my head felt clear at 5:00pm.

Still, the usual pleasant dinner with the 'rents. I even did a couple of semi-useful things around the house.

I left there at about 10:00pm, and tried to zoom back down to Noah's. I was hindered by a fallen tree at almost the very bottom of Gist Road. After about 15 minutes of pushing, pulling, shoving, and throwing random broken pieces of wood over the edge, I had enough cleared off for a car to pass.

I suppose I should count myself fortunate that cars coming the other way didn't show up until I was back in mine. Especially this guy. I don't know if he was drunk, or just inherently stupid. Given the pseudo-offroad kinda-pickup SUVish thing he was driving, I suspect the latter.

I mean, I don't know about you, but when I'm driving a dark, narrow, mountain road, and find myself approaching a car that's parked, shining its headlights in my face, and flashing its hazard lights, I, personally, slow down. He hit the brakes barely in time to miss the tree, swung out, then discovered at the last minute that I was too close to the other end of the tree for him to pass. I had to back up, and then he still couldn't seem to figure out how to get around me, so I ended up squeezing by him, past the tree, and on down the mountain.

I called my dad to see if he could get in contact with the correct authorities about the tree, but for some reason couldn't get the concept across, and gave up. If the county doesn't get it, I'm sure someone up there needs firewood.

Then several hours at Noah's, hanging out with the crowd, being all amused by the drunk roommates wanting to go to the Brass Rail around the corner, then even more amused when they came back upset because it's just a bikini bar.

That broke up around 12:30am, mostly when Noah went to sleep, so I dropped by the bar to say hi to the hard-working timenchanter. OK, the kinda-bored-by-inactivity Timmie, if I'm going to be honest.

Left there at 1:00am to hang out at home for awhile. Timmie wants to go to the IHOP on north 1st, and should be picking me up shortly for that purpose.

Life ain't too shabby.

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Re: Silly boys...

From what I've seen at the Kit-Kat, they rake in the tips pretty well there, too.

And dignity, well, that's a personal thing. I remember reading a review of a book by a woman that tried several different jobs just to write about them. Stripper was towards the top of the "accorded dignity by clients" list, and the very bottom was cocktail waitress...

I personally don't mind there being no alcohol - take a 21-year-old, add booze, then nekkid women, and you have a recipe for the sort of screaming yahoo that I feel like beating to a fine pulp, then pouring into the nearest dumpster...

I have to say - slightly off-topic - that the most fun I've had with strippers has always involved going with women. Girls around the rail are an almost irresistable attraction. Form your own conclusions.

Re: Silly boys...

Now, why am I assuming the Hiphugger? Oh yeah - because that's what I think when I hear dive-y bar. Of course then I start wondering if you know Marly...

Ah well.

People have... odd... expectations. Especially if alcohol is involved.

I'd say offhand that any couple whose song is I Touch Myself is likely going to be a lot of fun. I think the most amused I've ever been, at least, was the girl who danced to Short Dick Man. It didn't hurt that she was a good dancer (while I quite enjoy having a cute nekkid girl back up to my face, I also appreciate when they can dance), but there was the added enjoyment of watching the faces of the guys around the rail.

I asked her later about doing The Lapdance Is Always Better..., and she said she'd danced to it before.

Damn. Wish I could remember her stage name - not that it matters all that much. I was there on Valentine's Day with Trudi and Donald, and she was actually giving out little cards to the guys around the rail. So I wrote little notes on my dollar bills, and folded them into hearts before putting them out...

Re: Silly boys...

Oh, the Candid Club - I've only been there once. It was after their remodel, so I wouldn't say it was all that dive-y, but I didn't see it before.

Just to make sure the world isn't completely bizarre - you wouldn't be a friend of Lainee/Melanie's, would you? The memory's blurry enough now that I can't make out faces...

And now I have an explanation for the Dani - I had just assumed the "candid" described you fairly well.

Not allowing total bitterness about us males is a good thing. While many of us are pigs (oink), certainly not all are. And there is something kind of disturbing about the whole "anorexically/meth-addicted thin with enormous fake boobs" look.

I love looking at pretty nekkid women. I just don't find bones all that sexy. And mushrooms on the chest make me turn away...

And, honestly, it makes me sad how many dancers only find personal value in being attractive.