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Bruce [userpic]
Just 6% Less Than princesskiti22...

OkCupid - Free Online Dating

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: amusedamused

OkCupid - Free Online Dating

I can think of far worse places to be than between the two of you. ;-)

Awwwwww. :-)

At least you have a higher rating than I do - good to know the test has some validity...

Um, thanks?

I'm not the one with multiple active partners, m'dear.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but according to traditional standards, it's kinda slutty.

So how come I haven't gotten any since February, hm?

Oh - I'm sorry. I thought your drought was long over.

Of course, I haven't gotten any since the previous February...

Missed it by >< that much.... (He cancelled the date we'd set, which really was the right thing to do, considering his mindset at the time he did it - but it meant we were both kinda cranky when the date came, we were all but back to where we started, and the opportunity was no longer there. And now he's working hours as squirrely as mine are...I told him he should tell his boss he needs next weekend off so he can get his ashes hauled.)

And, well, you know my thoughts on your dry spell, and potential solutions thereto. :-*

Sorry to hear that.

And yes, yes I do. I'm just too picky about my situations for my own good.

But at least I can still enjoy being a tease...

As long as you weren't wearing That Shirt when you invited me to dinner tonight, I'll survive. ;-)

I'm not even sure where that shirt is right now. In a box somewhere...

Now that's a damn shame.

I could find it if needed. And I have other open collar shirts.

Weren't you too exhausted to move something like 3 hours ago?

All I said was "way tired," dear. And I got into a conversation with a friend about yiff art. :D

Yiff... art...

If you make furry porn with a character that's shaved herself bald, is it more or less perverted?

Yiff... art...

Take this icon here. Add this one. Draw your own conclusion (pun intended).

If you make furry porn with a character that's shaved herself bald, is it more or less perverted?

Isn't that one of those questions that should only be asked at Denny's after the bar is closed?

I'd say it means you need to be more specific when using the phrase "eat me!"

And no, I find off-the-wall questions are always appropriate. :-p

...and I suddenly recall one of elfs's stories, which featured the phrase "That's the first time I've ever seen a mouse eat a cat...."

"Dead, I am the rat
Feast upon the cat
Tender is the fur
Dying as you purr..."

As much as I enjoy that song, this was in a considerably different, erm, vein.

I know. But I figure if you don't have anything cogent to say, say something random!

This explains a great deal about you, dear.

I've always believed that I'm doing my job if I've brought a little surreality into someone's day.