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Bruce [userpic]

In many ways, I wasn't prepared for Tuesday until about noon today.

I never left the house, and more importantly never showered. I actually slept kinda fitfully, because I was pretty itchy. Gross, I know.

But I did finally upload one t-shirt design - and it's been approved. I have another one in the pipe, and another one I'll hopefully finish working on tonight.

Anyway, I headed out around noon in the hopes of finding food - with the sudden realization that I was trying to get food at lunch-hour. Odd. For me, at least. I ended up at Chevy's (Almaden Square), then wandered around the local shops, decided to visit Central Computers for the hell of it, and was able to play with their sample Eee PC. It's tiny, and has an odd screen (800x480), but it does most everything I need, and doesn't run Windows. Anyway, that was fun.

I was planning to go home then, but either had other plans or got lost (it's hard to tell with me), and ended up at Starving Musician, then Fry's.

The odd thing is that in all that, all I bought was lunch.

I suppose not so odd, when you consider I'm broke.

Then home, some random futzing around (and even a little design), then off to the bar.

It's been a fun night so far. kshandra just left - after her third night in a row here. cekyr0 and jeffercine are here, and more surprisingly: hollyk!

We also have a markobellydance and a celticnoor, not to mention a Cruz - who's been told by at least two people that he missed out from Monday.

Also kizmet100 - and we've had a rare appearance by hogarthughes.

The rotation's been about 9 long so far, and I suspect things'll dry up a bit by midnight, but they're one hell of a lot of fun now.

Current Location: KoC
Mood: cheerfulcheerful

sigh.. and here I am wishing I were doing something more fun than waiting for finals to finish.
Tomorrow... domestic relationships.

Kris said you were studying tonight - I was wondering when I'd hear from you. :-)

Domestic relationships, eh? Let me be the first to say "yuck."

Edited at 2007-12-07 06:55 am (UTC)

Agreed it is all sorts of yuck, but I'm counting on this exam and antitrust to pull me through the yuck that is constitutional law... good god.. it's ugly
hows the crowd? oooo.. btw..
so you always hear about static electricity.. but for the first time... I "SAW" it in the dark pulling my clothes out of the dryer.. it was actually pretty darned cool

That post pretty much lists everyone who's here. It's pretty slow, but it's a great group of people.

You haven't seen it before? Neat, no? Little sparkles in the dark.


*cough* *cough* what?

Re: ahem

I did say "pretty much," dear - I merely meant to indicate that it wasn't exactly crowded.

Touchy, touchy people. Sheesh...

Re: ahem

I'm not normally touchy. I just thought it was funny. And I knew you'd say that...

Re: ahem

I am fairly sadly predictable in certain things...

Re: ahem

True. More so for me than most, I'm happy to say.

Re: ahem

It's like you know me, or something...

Re: ahem

snort.. tee he.. I told somebody that yesterday.. but you know.. predictability = comfort:)

Re: ahem

With which Timmie would fully agree. :-)

Re: ahem

there could be worse things than to have predictability... just as long as it doesn't land you in a dungeon with a leather daddy.

Don't ask. Just go with it and embrace the predictability. i'll tell you later what brought that up

Re: ahem

Yeah, while some would enjoy that sort of thing, I'm not at all into pain - or dommes, especially male ones.

And I'm actually perfectly happy with my predictability. And I'm very predictable, except, of course, when I'm not...

Re: ahem

I do embrace a modicum of predictability.. but I think part of that stems from not wanting to be disappointed. For example.. if I go to a new food establishment, chances are i'll order a club sandwich. If they screw that up, chances are I'll never go back. And if they have a great club sandwich, it's almost always what I get.
And to think I'm actually an adventurous foodie.

Re: ahem

I have kind of an inverse situation. When I go to a new place, I'll pick whatever either matches what my body seems to want or looks the most bizarre (pear & gorgonzola pizza! Thai chicken tamales!).

But then I tend to go back to that restaurant only when I feel like that particular dish, and so never try anything else on the menu...

Of course, I'm also in Denny's right now - eating a club sandwich...

Re: ahem

oh. the irony.
off to bed with me.. I have an exam in about 3.5 hours. ugh.

Re: ahem

Much luck, dear!