Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Sorta Productive

Not too long after my last post, I followed lunch by dinner with timenchanter. We were going to try a falafel place he'd been to for lunch, but they were closed, so we went to the Loft instead. It was cute, and it was nice having a table right by the window, but definitely kind of pricey (big surprise there).

Then home, where I didn't do much. Until nearly 8:00am, where I ran out, grabbed some oh-so-healthy McDonald's breakfast, then finally went to sleep.

And back awake at 3:00pm, where I proceeded to do yet more of not much.

Which brings us to now.

I mean, some stuff did happen in there. I have a T-shirt design ready to be submitted for approval (they need to verify it passes their design rules. By hand, the luddites), and I've done some looking at Google AdWords for the karaoke business.

I just haven't, y'know, completed either task, 'cause that would be doing something, and I can't have that.

I've fixed a few errors in the song list database. It isn't always easy finding the correct name for a song when people keep using two different variants interchangeably.

I also have had a long, and as always wonderful text conversation with Debbie, and also some pizza supplied by timenchanter.

So the day has been far from a complete loss.

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