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Last night turned out to be a lot of fun. I got everything set up by about 7:50pm, and no-one was there, so I started working on the bar light.

At which time kshandra walked in, closely followed by spondee. Oops.

But at least I was able to talk with them while working on the light - and Marin was nice enough to hold the flashlight.

And the damn thing works now. It doesn't extend quite as far down as the others, but it works. I may go and raise the others to match...

I finished that up, ran to the booth to start picking out songs, and got going by about 8:30pm. So not too bad there.

I... was having a lot of fun picking out songs. Possibly too much fun. I kept giving poor Marin things she didn't even know, and Kirsten, well... she again asked for raunchy songs. So that's what she got. I'm still amused that she was taken aback more by Hanky Panky than by Closer.

The first rotation expanded to four people. The second was about 11 long, and we stayed like that until 11:00pm. Beckah came in for the first time in ages, mr_seed showed up for a bit with Cynthia - and Cynthia actually sang! She picked Irreplaceable, and actually didn't do half-bad. I may be able to make an addict out of her yet...

We also had a cute little lesbian group (Natalie, Kerry, and Patricia) who sang a tiny bit. I'm curious if they'll come back.

I was having a great time. Of course, people started to leave at 10:30pm, and by about 11:00pm the rotation was me and timenchanter. I started to work with that, but Timmie wanted more of a break, so I just played videos until supersniffles showed up just before midnight.

Then off again. Though she wasn't requiring it, I decided to give her all Christmas songs again, mostly seeing how well I could do at not repeating songs I gave her Sunday.

Not too too long after that, Eddie and Shawn showed up with a birthday party in tow. It was their friend Sarah's birthday party, and she had asked for karaoke. That was one hell of a fun crowd - I very much hope most of them come back.

Sarah's quite a good singer, and, well, what can I say: remixedlatino missed out. One of the group, Christina, is into hip-hop, and did an excellent job of California Love. There was finally Tupac, and he wasn't there to witness it.

They were also pretty heavy drinkers. With their addition to the night's take, the bar made just above average for Sunday and Monday. Further, Shawn ran my empty tip jar around at the end of the night, and I almost made as much in tips as Timmie. Definitely a good income night.

In fact, given the size of the tips, I should buy a disc. I just need to figure out which one. Any must-have requests I haven't already heard?

Timmie had his job cut out clearing off the alcohol by 2:00am, especially since I ran until 2:15am to accommodate everybody. They didn't actually clear out until 2:30am, in part because I was playing videos.

By 3:00am I was shut down, packed up, and out of there. I then stopped at Cindi's place, where she fed me, and I added pictures of her little forest of pink Christmas trees to my pile of photos that seriously need posting.

We hung out for a while - and I got to see her feed a couple of her snakes, which is interesting to witness. Especially with the other snake that seemed desperate to eat her hand. Eyes way too big for its stomach.

Then home and sleep. Just about 8 hours straight, for a change. Certainly no complaints from me on that. I just finished what is for me an early lunch, and I'm about to do a little shopping - or at least "wandering around stores." I need to take advantage of being up and out while things are open.

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