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Saturday afternoon and evening were fairly random. I finally put up a Craigslist ad for karaoke parties. Likely a bit late - I probably should have started in November. The plan at this point is to keep that going continuously - if I can just do three average parties a month, I can double my monthly income from nonexistent to... less nonexistent.

I may even look into Google Adwords. I mean, how high can the bidding for Silicon Valley Karaoke go?

I convinced myself to get dressed and out of the house, which ended up meaning another visit to TGI Friday's. Kinda meh, actually. But it gave me a shot of a place with some visual variety and people - not to mention a reason to take a shower.

Then home. I fiddled around until 4:00am or so, then woke up at 6:00am filled with that, umm, atheist spirit, and started on my latest salvo in the greeneggsandtam match. That took my until around 10:30am, when I flopped back into bed for a couple of hours.

I was supposed to be at my parents' place at 3:00pm. Between just being a slow flake, being tired, and a last-minute response to a request for help by princesskiti22, I didn't leave the Duplex until a little after 3:30pm - and then discovered I had to buy gas.

After wrestling my way up the mountain past all the panicked flatlanders with Christmas trees, I finally arrived - at 4:10pm. I could tell I was really late - all the Indian families were already there.

What I hadn't realized was that this was yet another Diwali ceremony. In short order I found myself helping my parents circle a platter with an oil lamp in front of an impromptu altar, while everyone else chanted something in Hindi. It was actually very pretty, if long.

And a very amusing contrast to the activity of the morning.

I left there around 6:20pm, and zoomed down to the bar and the usual fun evening. I started at about 8:10pm, because I had J and kshandra waiting. So the first round was just the 3 of us. The second, however, expanded to 8, and the rotation stayed about that size until just before midnight. We had a lot of trivialt, an appearance by Honey (and Monica), a couple of military-looking pool playing lesbians that made me nostalgic for the Daybreak, a little latin lesbian couple, one of which sang a Spanish song (I definitely need to get more latin music), some mvmedic and, oddly, Paul, a teeny bit of kizmet100, and a whole evening of supersniffles singing Christmas songs.

After midnight, things tightened down to 5 singers, then 4, then 3... I closed at about 1:50am at the end of the 14th round.

I then took a very tipsy Cindi out for some food and sobering up, where she resolutely refused to believe she'd sung 13 Christmas songs.

Then home, and, largely, sleep until late this afternoon. I just finished a very nice dinner, and am about to head to the bar, where I may have enough time to fix that one bar light...

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