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I'm Not Rich

I got a letter yesterday, telling me my old company (Polaris Networks) was being dissolved under chapter 11.  I suspect this means that the stock I bought is not exactly worth much.

I find I had no idea how much hope I had put in the company coming through, which is rather amusing.  I've periodically checked on them since they dumped me, and things were looking fairly good in February - they'd finally shipped product, had a sales contract with a medium-sized client, and were supposed to be in negotiations to be bought, which would have likely gotten me some profit on the stock expenditure.

But no.  Relaxed permanent retirement is apparently not for me.

I just need to decide if I want to go back to work (If I can find any), or find a convenient bridge to live under.  Compared to the life of an engineer, the latter has much going for it...

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