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Bruce [userpic]

Could someone give me just one example of a case where happily invoking the phrase "zero tolerance" isn't evidence of either stupidity or malignity?

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gods, i wish i could and i would love to see an example of this....... (i don't even want to know what happened)

Eh, it's not even the worst example - NC just passed a MADD-sponsored bill that would punish anyone that provided alcohol to a minor by taking away their license.

Which doesn't sound so bad, unless you're, say, a parent letting a 20-year-old have a glass of wine. Which scenario the NC executive director of MADD responded to with "That's not excessive - it's a zero-tolerance policy."

It's nothing like the good ol' Reagan era, when the term was coined. Commercial ship owners didn't have the right to search crewmen's cabins (right to privacy and all that), but the Coast Guard did, and would routinely confiscate ships if the slightest trace of drugs was found.

I routinely despair of the possibility of fixing the fuckup that is this country.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for cheating and/or plagiarism.

By the point that you've determined that either cheating or plagiarism has occurred, "zero tolerance" is pretty redundant.

There really isn't much history of people being given multiple repeat chances after either of those.

Now, instead of "plagiarism," let's just say "reproducing someone else's work." To how fine a degree does one define that? Zero tolerance would mean using the finest degree possible, which would essentially mean all papers would be thrown out for using the same alphabet.

Retroactively viewed that wipes out most of the cultural heritage of humanity and many of the people we regard as examples of artistic genius.

On a completely unrelated topic, did you ever have a traditional Christmas Eve Réveillon while you were in France? I'm planning our Christmas celebration for when Jorge's out, and I thought you might have some menu recollections.

Sadly, not that I remember. Well, wait - is the galette des rois for Christmas or Easter? Hmmm.

Easter, I think.

Tee-hee - neither. Epiphany. Silly French with all their crazy made-up Catholic holidays.

We The People have suffered so many assaults to our rights, in the name of "protecting ourselves from ourselves" that even if we DID elect to take responsibility for our own actions, we're pretty much unable to.

I'm glad Paul isn't averse to the idea of moving to Australia.

I have some friends that have emigrated to New Zealand.

I occasionally think of joining them there...

Beautiful place, self-sufficient in all industries (and food production), and too small to be worth a nuclear warhead.

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Zero-tolerance.....I remember that word. That was from my last job. My former boss used that for everything. Zero toerance for the type of business clothes you wore. the way you wore your hair. the way you'd document things. She was soooooooo zero tolerance on people no one could really address anthing to her.

Back in 05 my grandmother past away. While, keeping the company informed of her condition, it was the matter of time that I would have to take some time off. On the eve of Sept 1st she died at 10 pm. Obvoiusly the offfice was closed. I called to leave a message that I would be able to handle my first part of my shift and then I was going home.

The lady I was working with understood and let me have the rest of the day off. Later the next day, she was fired because of I didn't fax in the death certificate proving that my grandmother had died. That was the only way I could get the time off. I was PISSED! I nearly called the boss to say, "do you want to see her corpse? bitch!!!!!"

I still got the time off but I still had to fax a letter from my mother saying that we've had a death in the family along with the obituary.

Apparently there was a Zero-tolerance thingy that you cannot get family emergancy time off less than 24 hours beefore your shift. The lady that was working with me never knew that. The boss bitch made up the rule the evening before and didn't impliment it to the morning crew yet.

When I was in my car wreck 1 month later, I had to send in cell phone pics of my car so the boss could let me go home with my injuries. Yes this lady is still in busniess

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I suppose it depends what you mean by it in this case.

If you mean you won't tolerate any fighting, and will respond in all cases, then yeah, it sounds pretty good.

If it means that a light scuffle automatically means 2 week's suspension, no matter the cause, well...

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My work has a zero-tolerance policy for illegal drugs. Every employee was drug tested before hired, and a background screening performed. Plus they have hotlines you can call to report ANY type of illegal activity anonymously.

They also have a zero-tolerance policy against any type of discrimination based on just about anything you can think of, including trans-gender now.

Edited at 2007-12-02 06:33 pm (UTC)


I was asking for non-stupid uses.

I'll just ignore the first part, since American, and American company drug policy just makes me very very angry.

And I'll assume that in the latter part, "zero tolerance" means "immediate termination," and that the discrimination includes "harrassment."

Did you know that under California law, all you need to claim harrassment is to, well, claim harrassment? There are no standards as to what behavior is harrassing and what isn't.

If you frequently hug a friend, and a third party finds that uncomfortable, you're harrassing the third party - and are now on the zero tolerance fast track to unemployment.

I've lived throug sexual harrassment pogroms.

And the soulless, beige, watch-everything-you-say corporate environment is one major reason I don't want to go back to being an engineer.