Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Dancing Through Life...

Thursday night...

Thursday was a pretty good time. We never got really busy, but we had a party going all night.

It was the first time I've seen (or heard) dwo in ages. We had a new bartender, whose name, I believe, is Ruben - apparently a Hunter's refugee of some form. People seemed to like him.

We also had some cekyr0, jeffercine, and moahb. Several hours of trivialt. Quite a bit of markobellydance and celticnoor, right off the plane.

Also some Eddie and Shawn, finally. Apparently 7 lost a bartender, and the others have been kept pretty busy covering the gap.

The rotations stayed at about 9 long for almost the whole evening, only tapering off at about 1:00am. As I remember, I made it through 8 rotations, just extending the close time out to 2:02am. The bar likely did reasonably well. At least I didn't get too much criticism from Paula.

Of course, both she and Lily were busy stewing about the super-secret meeting they had in a corner with bluize and some guy. I mean, who knows what that might have been about...

timenchanter was there for the whole night, and had just a bit too much fun. So I drove him to Denny's, then home, then got him up two hours later to drive him to work.

Friday was fairly tightly choreographed. I slept while he was at work, then got up in time to pick him up and drive him home to nap for a couple of hours. Or at least attempt to. People should learn to turn their phones off when they desperately need some sleep.

Well, except in my case. If I really need to sleep, I'll just snore right past the phone ringing...

In any case, that gave me time to clean up, get ready, and go grab some Carl's. Then, after a surprisingly low amount of persuasion, I got Timmie into the car, and we zoomed up to the dance show at Foothill College while munching on dinner.

I'd given us an hour to get there. It's a 20 minute drive. The timing was near perfect, especially given the simultaneous "big game" of some form, and the fact that the directional signs on campus appear to have been designed by a practical joker. Following them made us circle the theater just far enough away to not be able to see it.

The show itself was a lot of fun. Granted, you could tell that a lot of the dancers were students, and it's another Bubba Gong show, so we had to deal with his boyfriend, but a number of the pieces were quite striking.

Like, y'know, spawrhawk's solo. It's always amazing to me how much he outclasses most other dancers - and doubly so when they're mostly students. There were pieces where he just danced across in the background - and still stole the scene.

Also, it's the first time I've seen him beaten up by a girl in skimpy pirate dress - directly in front of my seat. I was just a tad envious.

There were other good pieces as well - a very good spoken poem/dance, and a dance done to Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go that was possibly one of the gayest things I've ever seen. Timmie and I were cracking up all the way through it.

And I really never thought I'd see a piece done to What Would Brian Boitano Do?

On the whole, a lot of fun, though I wanted to kill whoever was doing the music segues. Songs would just stop in mid-note, which was especially jarring for the ending of the sadder pieces.

After the end of the show, and the obligatory Mikey hugs (where it turned out we were just about the only Collective members there - odd. In fact, the only person we ran into that we knew was Melissa - out of drag, and with herhis wife), Timmie and I headed to the bar, so he could reunite with Fawkes. We talked for a little bit with Paula and Kris, the only people in the bar, then Timmie took off home, and I faced a mild dilemma.

It was about 10:00pm, cmjfoxfyre's party might still be going on, but I'd also been invited by Angela to see Chuck's band (The Sauce) perform at the Quarter Note. In the end, the Quarter Note won out by reason of simple proximity.

And that turned out to be a lot of fun. I hung out with Chuck, Angela, and Honey, made fun of one of the bands, drank cherry cider, and even watched the merch table while Angela went up to be a good band girlfriend and dance.

I actually didn't know that Chuck did reggae. Go figure.

I hung out a bit more afterward while everybody loaded up. Most of them smoked up, and I did my best to sober up. That cider was more alcoholic than I thought.

Then home, after grabbing some Jack tacos on the way.

Today should be quite a bit calmer. I need to call and verify, but there's supposed to be a party at my parents' place tomorrow afternoon, so I'll probably skip going today. And I have nothing else scheduled.

It's Saturday. Maybe I'll watch cartoons...

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