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Bruce [userpic]

I got to bed at something like 1:00am last night - again. A very odd feeling.

I woke up around 8:30am to the sound of furious activity. The landlord is having a storage space built (which I gather we'll be able to use, which would be extremely cool), and the guys building it had the pieces spread all over the back area.

Behind my car. Trapped I was, like a cornered rat.

So I surfed for a while, while munching on green tea wasabi peanuts. Very stressful, indeed.

I went back to bed at 10:00am or so, and woke up again at 3:30pm. Quite a few interesting dreams, though the one I mainly remember was my mom waking me up for a lecture on how I needed to buckle down and get a job.

I have no idea where that might have come from...

In any case, by then they were finished, cleaned up and gone. I, by contrast, wasn't ready to get out of there until around 5:30pm.

I took my recently showered and dressed self over to SuperCuts, and told the girl that no, I didn't want a shampoo (huh?), but a beard trim, got that, and here I am at Red Robin, fortifying myself for the night with fries and honey-mustard dressing.

I actually would have been out of the house earlier, but I was watching part of The Root of All Evil, which jeffercine was kind enough to post.

Apart from taking time I didn't have out of the afternoon, it's slow going for me because while Dawkins is, unfortunately, a bit of an asshole, something about Ted Haggard just makes me want to jump through the screen and beat him to a pulp. Sleazy, self-serving hypocrisy seems to always have that effect on me.

It's odd. I don't even feel that way watching videos of Pat Robertson, I think because he's, as far as I can tell, an honest psychopath. It feels like he really believes that anything that happens to Massachusetts will be the result of God's displeasure over gay marriage, while the drought in Georgia is... unfortunate.

In any case, I know what I need to do in my discussion with greeneggsandtam, now. Hopefully I'll have time later or tomorrow to write everything down that's seething in my head.

Dinner's over, I just got confirmation for my and timenchanter's tickets for spawrhawk's show tomorrow, and I should get to the bar and start setting up.

Current Location: Red Robin
Mood: calmcalm

If you are going to write to me about nutso televangelists, that prob isn't a good tactic - because I don't base my faith on people. I base them on Christ. In fact, I learned tonite just how much Christianity shouldn't be based on Christians...

Oh no, I'm sorry if I even remotely implied that.

I never thought of you as the televangelist type. Nowhere near enough hate, for one thing.

No, I went off on a televangelist tangent because they're in the video, among other things, and I was surprised by the depth of my emotional response.

Look, if you had just slept in late, until 3pm for example, you would have never known that your car was blocked in. Your stress level would have been lower, see? Pass those wasabi peanuts BTW

I blame it on going to bed so damn early.

I'd pass them, but, well, there aren't a whole lot left...

Urp! 'Scuse me.

tell the chicka she looks cute:)

Done. And on the mic.

Not that I particularly agree. I normally think "hot," myself...

HEY NOW!! (tee hee) It depends... hot when I can actually do something about it >wink< I suppose she can have the "looks" in this operation.

Oh cut it.

Yer both freakin' hot, fer cryin' out loud.

hey hey hey... I have no illusions as to my hawtness factor. However, I'm in the middle of finals.. this face hasn't seen a stitch of makeup. I'm lucky if I make myself take a shower every day.... I mean it's BAD right now... oh and I haven't waxed my eyebrows in the past week. I look more like a HAWT cavewoman. Moreover, I'm over boozing and haven't hit the gym in eons..you might say since I met the chick.


You haven't waxed your eyebrows in a whole week!?!?

And you're not clogging your pores with makeup, either?

Shocked and dismayed am I. You must be looking awful.

Hee hee...

It's always fun how self-conscious the really cute ones are when they haven't had time to gild the lily lately...

But go ahead, feel unpresentable, if it makes you feel better. :-)

Just pass those finals!

Re: What?!?

no.. it's not the fact I'm not doing these things... it's the fact I don't care. Since I got back to school, I have honestly not given a flipping farfignewton on how I look. (aside from the eyebrows) I don't know if this is a reaction to being here another year. it could also have something to do with seeing the gals here with a few pounds of makeup and made up hair every morning. EEWWWW. i'm afraid I was never much of a girli girl.

Re: What?!?

And, of course, you realize that people with natural beauty who don't spend their time obsessing over their appearance are that much hotter.

Well, at least if they shower more than every couple of days or so. I don't mind body odor much, but it starts to get rancid after a while...

Not, of course, that my opinion is all that important. But I wouldn't at all be surprised to find that mine and Kris' rather closely coincide in this case.

I'm just glad you're focusing on the important stuff: Coursework and Tequila.

Re: What?!?

but of course... now if I could stay focused on work.. how was the crowd last night? mmmm tequila... mmmm

Re: What?!?

Not bad - at least for what we've been getting lately.

It never got really busy, but there was enough turnover - and heavy drinkers - that the bar should have done OK.

I just had to drive Timmie to work, 'cause he was in no condition to drive home after the show...

And almost all the people there are good friends of mine, so I had fun.

I gather the negotiations involved a lot of drama, though...

Re: What?!?

Ah... I have yet to be spun up on the negotiations. But I'm glad YOU had fun. That's important or it could make for a boring evening. Anywhoo... I'm bad.. no studying for this morning. I'm about to head off to Ann Taylor for some pants. I hope they are carrying the tweeds I'm looking for. Don't know why I'm so interested to get them but I'm really wanting them for some reason

Re: What?!?

Hope you got your pants - wouldn't want you to have an unrequited clothes-craving, now would we?

I actually fell asleep this morning while trying to respond to this comment...

Now to awaken the roommate and get off to the dance recital.