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Monday's show actually ramped up from the time of my last post - by midnight, we had a nice little group going. Angela stayed for quite a while, Bennie showed up, we had lucydogstringer and supersniffles, and even an hour or so of shell-shocked supersixy.

And more. We even had a couple of hours of trivialt!

I ran for a total of 14 rotations, which at least was an improvement on Sunday. We made less money, and the Sunday-Monday average was down from average (again), but that's the way it goes.

Lily did a Carl's run towards the middle of the night, so instead of grabbing food, timenchanter and I just went straight home.

I did a little napping in my chair, but mostly I stayed up until 8:00am, because my new phone case had been left with the landlord - and he'd be leaving for work about then.

I got it, put in the phone, played around with it (It's got both better and worse features than the old case - but at least it's not falling apart), then decided I was kinda hungry.

So I dropped by McDonald's for some delicious morning arteriosclerosis, then my bank for a couple of rolls of quarters. Laundry is becoming important.

But at that point (9:00am or so) sleep was a higher priority, so I did some of that.

Timmie, I, and, as it turned out, chargerboy were invited to Ken B's for tea, so I cleaned up, and Timmie and I grabbed yet more McDonald's (be still my beating heart! Possibly... literally...) and a carrot cake, then fought through traffic to Ken's place, and a few very pleasant hours of conversation, tea, scones, carrot cake, and early 60's TV.

And back home, where we just caught the landlord coming home. Since he's frequently hard to catch, I got over there with the rent, then spent an hour or so talking to him. Interesting guy.

And then some vegetating, which I do quite well, and may in fact continue for the rest of the night. Whee!

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