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Bruce [userpic]

Last night's latin night experience was, perhaps, a little more, well, complete that I might have wanted.

Most of the night, I wasn't exactly there - I was simply jacked into my laptop in a corner, and just peripherally experienced the crowd and the music. In fact, it was a little disconcerting when Monica leaned into my little bubble to say hello.

Towards 1:40pm or so, I shut the laptop down, grabbed a burrito (and another for timenchanter) (both of which Paula paid for), and hung out at the bar to watch the whole shutdown process.

It's always interesting to watch - most of the customers on Saturday don't really comprehend this whole concept of "having to leave," and sometimes get very upset about the fact that they won't be sold another drink after 2:00am. Actually, the whole "must down all drinks by 2:00am" thing is a little foreign to them, too.

That turned out to not be the real excitement, though. Apparently, some woman flirted with some other woman's little sister, which was sufficient cause for a major fight.

This happened right in front of me. Actually, some of it happened on top of me. A group of women heading out the door suddenly turned into a heaving amoeboid mass of raging lesbianism. It was more interesting than frightening. I felt I should try to do something to stop it, but apart from peeling individuals off the outside one by one and tossing them out the door, I wasn't really sure what I could do.

They ended up moving outside, partly through Timmie's intercession, and partly through general inertia. Several of the main players sped off after each other (unfortunately in their cars), and apparently reformed the fight a couple of blocks down where there was no longer anything we could do about it, so we just locked the door.

And that was it. Timmie had the place somewhat cleaned up by 3:00am, and we headed home.

Today we were going to get up at 10:00am, and make it back up to my parents' place by noon. I slept right through my alarm, which is kind of scary. It's loud.

But whatever. After actually pulling ourselves (well, mostly myself) together, and a nice lunch at Hobee's, we got to the dome at a little after 2:00pm. Surprisingly, in the daylight, the remaining work was fairly easy. So we had everything installed by 3:30pm, then zapped back down to the Duplex for some general zoning and nappage.

We were a little late to the bar, which is too bad, since we actually had some early people here: tenchinigami, linfalgamo, and lunarrain. Not too long after, supersixy and writenwrong showed up, Paul fresh from his tour in the wilds of Nebraska (and unfortunately heading back).

So I did my best to both hurry and be sociable, in the end starting by 8:15pm.

It's been a very pleasant night so far. We've had a few additions to the roster - notably swanhart and John (Big Bad), but largely it's been the initial group. It'll be interesting to see what happens towards 11:30pm or so...

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Ah yes. Saturday night fights. How I DON'T miss those.

Kris and I just used to call the cops. They would all get maced.

It was pretty much over by the time the cops would have gotten there.

One of them apparently wanted Timmie to call the cops, and he had to tell her that they really wouldn't care who started it.

Nope they wouldn't care. They would arrest them all, or mace them...ha ha ha.

I've had my share of threats from those chicks. Although I had a lot of the butch ones sticking up for me, too.

To be honest, most of the women involved were trying to separate the main idiots.

It was just difficult to tell who was doing what, while this all was seething around my feet.

Man them women is short.