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Friday night after I left the restaurant, I had three main activities that I could think of: Going to the bar, going back home, and running around. I was tired of home, and the bar seemed... cold.

So I dropped by Fry's at 9:00pm to see how Black Friday was going on. They were supposed to be closing around then, but didn't look like they were about to. I wandered around, even found something I wanted, then when everybody headed out at 9:30pm, took one look at the checkout line, and put the item back.

But it occurred to me that Guitar Center might have the same item - and might be open, so I zoomed down there. They did, and they were. And it was considerably cheaper.

Then I went home.

The night then passed in a haze of webcomics and online Nova episodes.

Today timenchanter woke me up a little after noon. I cleaned up, we had some lunch at Panera, then climbed up to my parents' place, to spend the afternoon in the joyous task of removing their old screen door, and installing a new one.

That kept us busy from about 2:30pm until dinner started at about 6:00pm. And it's not even done - we're going up tomorrow to finish up.

But Timmie's bartending tonight, so we ran down to the bar immediately after dinner.

It's been interesting, though I've mostly been on the laptop, playing around with questionable userpics, further, apparently, confusing astroaztec, and feeling sad that I've offended spondee.

That's it for right now. I may just walk down to the first booth and grab some food. I'm not used to having a mini-taqueria inside the bar.

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