Bruce (kor27) wrote,

So... Much... Food...

There was actually yet more partying at the Hamptons after my last post. I woke back up around 2:30am, then somewhat dragged timenchanter out of there around 4:00pm...

We were supposed to get up early enough to make it to my parents' place by noon, so we could install their new screen door. They didn't really expect us until 2:00pm.

We left the Duplex at, well, about 2:00pm. My bad.

'Twas OK, though. We beat the Banerjees by close to an hour. Then things started getting yummy. Jhumi always brings samosas. It's just not Thanksgiving anymore without samosas...

And there was turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, two kinds of cranberry sauce, sautéed yams, and shrimp cocktail. Can't forget the shrimp cocktail.

Or the apple pie.

I spent a lot of time talking with Shruti because, well, she's a cute kid. She's a spoiled brat college kid, knows it, and is going to be making the most of it while she can. I can respect that.

Dessert didn't finish until after 7:00pm, so Timmie and I kinda rushed out of there, zoomed down the mountain, loaded up the equipment at the apartment, and then zipped over to the bar. It was nearly 8:00pm when we got there, but the bar was empty - though it wasn't when I was ready to begin at 8:40pm.

A very pleasant night, though I still don't understand where I found the room to munch on the food we had out. The fact that it was all good helped, but did I really have to eat three slices of snafflekid's pumpkin pie?

We never got crowded, but it was never particularly empty, either. Timmie was bartending - and will be bartending quite a bit more in the near future. We had one of the almost insanely rare blankreloaded visits, some Sarah&Paul, a nearly complete evening of kshandra, some qzar_mystik - definitely a good time.

We even had a little hispanic group that sang some of the songs I got for Ray way back when.

In the end, we did a total of 8 rotations for the evening, before closing at 2:00am.

Shutdown was a little slow, mostly because Paula, bluize, and Timmie were having quite a conversation. But still, he and I were out of there by 2:30am.

For some reason the subject of Denny's never came up.

We did, however, drive past a couple of Fry's. We'd heard they were opening at midnight, which seemed kinda neat. Our info was wrong, but it was interesting taking a look at the enormous lines already formed. Some very determined people, there.

I assume I could find most of what they bought this morning by a quick perusal of eBay.

Then home, and a gratifyingly huge amount of sleep. I finally got around to cleaning up around 6:00pm, and had a very fleeting thought of going to Cheesecake Factory. It lasted until I remembered that it's attached to a mall. So, instead, I've had clam chowder and some very nice mac&cheese here at Red Robin.

One would have thought that I'd have had enough food for the rest of the week, but no.

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