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Elvis Has Left the Building

I spent most of the night following the last entry working on circuit layout, which is a good thing.  In fact, I was still going when timenchanter texted at about 8:00 and asked me to go to lunch with him and Gabe - both for the company, and for his bowling ball.

So I slept for a few hours, then had a nice lunch.  Went and picked up the mail (Still on dog hold until I know Llorona's gone on May 4th), then back to sleep for a bit.

And on to the Monday show!

Last night Brett had asked the bar to have the first hour (8:00 - 9:00) as a "Brett show", where his friends would put up a bunch of songs for him.  It was OK with them, so it was therefore OK with me...

I got there, late again, at 7:45 - no Brett.  I had everything ready to go by 8:15 - no Brett.  So we started doing suicide, and a little later Brett walked in, then some of his friends walked in, and I got a stack of Brett songs at about 8:45.  About an hour's worth.  So amidst a certain amount of grumbling (hollyk went home), I started feeding rapid-fire Elvis tunes to Brett, who was wearing the gayest Elvis costume I have ever seen in my life.

James told me to cut him off around 9:15, because people were grumbling (No, really?  Ya didn't think this would happen when you agreed to this?), but that seemed a little cold - he had his friends, he had his costume.  Eddie suggested I mix him in, which seemed like a great compromise, so I started doing 2 suicide, 1 Brett for about an hour.

And it ended up being a very pleasant night.  The rotation went up to about 15 at one point, and was still 8 when I closed at 1:20.  Among other things, cekyr0 got extremely wasted, which of course isn't quite a good thing - but Alex is the single most entertaining drunk I know.

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