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Bruce [userpic]
Death and Renewal

The viewing for spawrhawk's father was at 6:00pm yesterday, so I ran through getting up, getting clean, dressing, and packing the car, and got there on the dot. Of 6:30pm.


Not that it was too serious of a problem. I hugged both Mikey and Debbie, then settled down in the chapel for 20 minutes.

It was actually restful to sit and quietly think about death and life for a bit. Apparently not so for other people - I was surrounded by semi-whispered conversations about inanities.

Humans. Gotta love 'em.

Then off to the bar, where I was set up exactly on time. Shortly after that, snafflekid showed up, fresh from his school-imposed exile.

Sadly, I didn't have enough people to actually start until 9:15pm. It picked up nicely from there, though.

The rotation stayed around 8 for most of the night, and we even had a short visit from Mikey and a very exhausted Debbie.

They arrived just in time for Kendall's "I'm free!" champagne toast.

We also had moahb, and Daniel, and supersniffles (sporting her new laptop!), and synkitty, and Roberta&Christina, and trivialt, and Jason, and, well, others. It was a very fun evening. Most people left by 1:00am, and so the rotation sped up considerably. I finished the 12th round at 1:50am, then showed some more videos that Kendall hadn't yet seen.

I closed up and left the bar around 2:20am (with not a huge amount of money in pocket. The bar made about 30% less than I expected. Them's the breaks), then had some supper at the Mini.

And home for a few hours of attempted sleep while fending off said supper.

Then up at 8:00am in a failed attempt to make it on time to Mikey's dad's funeral service. I was again half an hour late, but managed to sneak into a back pew, and was definitely in time to hear the eulogies.

Then off to the cemetary, car-sharing with chargerboy, through the ceremonies there (I found the military one very moving), then back to the church for an overabundance of food, and hanging out with the group.

I left about the same time as Mikey and Deb, and hit the Campbell Fry's in order to reconnect with reality.

Well, my kind of reality, anyways.

A bit of that, and I was keeling over. I'm back home, and I'm going to try for some more "sleep" before tonight's show.

Kendall won't be there tonight, but Mikey and possibly a sister may. Kendall is however bringing a dish to Thursday's pot-luck at the bar. I very much look forward to that....

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Re: Possible appearance

Yeah, that's definitely an occasion that calls for alcohol...

Re: Possible appearance

Yay! I haven't seen you in ages.

I've been terrified of having any contact with Legally Blonde the musical. It just seems like too major of an indicator of the downfall of western civilization.

What's next - Miss Congeniality the musical?

Timmie bought me that shirt in the City. I've seen quite a number of variants on the idea up there.