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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
Fun Fun Fun!

It's definitely been a nice couple of days, starting Friday night with dinner with hektikat at Zeni. Neither of us had had Ethiopian for far too long.

I'd definitely recommend the restaurant. Very good food and friendly service.

Of course, my views might have been slightly distorted by the excellence of the company.

I've known Stacy off and on for years, now, but this is the first time we've like, y'know, sat down and talked. 'Twas good.

Then we booked it to the bar, had a drink, and talked some more. Then she headed home, and I hung out there for a couple of hours more, mostly talking with celticnoor and Paula, then made my way home around 1:00am or so for some of that "sleep" stuff.

Saturday I got up at the unheard-of early hour of 1:00pm to make it to my parents' place a little earlier than usual. My mom had some errands to run in the truck, so my ability to wrestle the thing around corners was required. We picked up a new screen door, which I'll be installing later - most likely after convincing timenchanter to come up and help me with it. It's a bit of a two-person job.

Then a nice quiet dinner with some of my mom's cooking. It's amazing what she can do with salmon.

After cleaning up, I took my leave and wound my way down off the hill and to the Hamptons, where the pre-Thanksgiving party was already in progress. It took a little work finding a place to park.

And on to a great night, made a tad fuzzy by not one but two absinthe-minded martinis. I know, it's just two drinks, but each one contains four shots, and one half of one of those shots is 140 proof. I'm still not sure why I had the second one.

I had managed to stumble upon a pink leather toolbelt earlier in the day, which I presented to supersniffles. She proceeded to wear it for the rest of the night. It's frightening how little it clashed with the rather nice skirt and top she was wearing.

In the process, I apparently made princesskiti22 (she of the squee) somewhat jealous, since she's been wanting one for some time. I guess I need to get another one, and see about exchanging it for something...

Speaking of Keri, lessons learned for the evening: Kneecaps good, ears bad. Who knew?

kizmet100 and Cara were there. Cara was not precisely sober and... friendly. I was, of course, heartbroken by this. A few nice kisses, some conversation, and a little over an hour cuddled on the couch watching Wii bowling. OK, I was watching the bowling. Most of that time, she was passed out on my chest. For some reason, having attractive women curled up in my arms doesn't seem to bother me. At all.

Spent some time talking to sjgrrrl's friends Will and Brandy. I've apparently met them before, though I, um, don't really remember where, sadly. Both very interesting people, and I hope to see more of them.

And, of course, talking with lots of other people, many of whom were male. Really.

Even on top of the time spent talking to Kristi and Cynthia (mr_seed's friend. I think his brother's girlfriend...).

At something like 1:00am, the party had reduced to myself, Timmie, cekyr0, and jeffercine. That's about when I passed out.

I woke up at 4:30am with a longing for home, and a feeling that I'd purged sufficient alcohol from my system. At least the drive home was uneventful, apart from being passed by multiple people that seemed to think doing 80 at night in heavy fog on a slick road is a good idea.

Whatever. And for my next trick, I'm going to sleep!

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: tiredtired

ah, yes, it works something like this
select * from memory where location = 'dome' and cook = 'mom' and foodstuff = 'salmon'
(In actuality there are more tables with subselects and the whole thing is like some sort of outer join.)

Glad to know it's still tasty.

Well, of course, first you have to connect to my relational database...

I love salmon. Man, you've been around a ton of people lately. Wish I could, but the people who are generraly around me are my co-workers and 35 kids who are just as tall as I am, with the exception of my kindergarteners.
must need...seafood.....must see friends......that equals need money. can I sell tears?

Well, dear, I'm normally around a ton of people on a regular basis. It's one of the reasons I love my job, though it doesn't pay my bills.

I love people. And software engineering only had me hanging around a fairly small group of, well, engineers.

We shall have to see about getting you out of your cocoon in the near future...

*Sigh* Yes, Cara was rather friendly last night. Something she and I may need to talk about in the not too distant future. Don't worry it has nothing to do with her interaction with you. I was actually rather relieved when she abandoned our little group to talk to you. The girl has become increasingly flirty as of late resulting in a very confused and conflicted Maggie. Last night I think she crossed the line with me but I hesitate to confront her.

I was trying to imply that she wasn't just friendly towards me.

I actually got a complaint from someone else, and I also walked by your little group in the corner quite a few times. I'd certainly say she crossed a line.

A talk would probably be a good thing. She was a little extreme.

Probably starved for affection in some way...

Someone complained? You'll have to tell me who next time I come in for kareoke. Yeah the line she crossed took me off guard I didn't expect her to take it so far. Unfortunately I was coming down from a buzz and being kinda lonely as of late I yielded to temptation. I want to talk to her but not sure how to approach it. She called me this morning and wanted to say something but didn't know how to bring it up. We did however agree at the next party she needs to alternate water with alcohol and maybe pour her drinks with a little less gin and a little more soda.

Toning down the alcohol would probably be a good idea.

I don't actually remember who it was myself - I was just a leeetle bit buzzed myself. Might have been Timmie, actually.

They said it was a little difficult getting away from her...

Well talked to Cara again. Wow! That was an awkward phone call! Well I told her that while I'm very fond of her her interaction with me last night at one point crossed a line that I wasn't comfortable with. She apologized to me and apologizes to the other person she offended. She does acknowledge that she may have monopolized Timmie's but only because she likes him and thinks he's a really great person. You have to agree that Timmie is something of a sweetheart. Our plan is to tone down the alcohol and for me to play her Jiminy Cricket if necessary. She was a little hurt and mortified but I told her that I value hinesty and communication in all my relationships more than anything else and if I didn't care about her I wouldn't have said anything. I also did explain how hard it was for me to bring it up for fear of hurting her as well. I'm glad I got the matter off my chest but my mood is a lot more somber now.

As I said, I'm not sure it was actually Timmie. However, whoever it was was gay, and found the kissing... odd.

And he definitely is a sweetheart.

Anyway, I can see where that would be a pretty awkward conversation. You should be proud of yourself for going through with it.

Oh wait somebody complained cause she was kissing him. She claims that she didn't try to kiss Timmie. Not sure how acccurate that is though. Don't think she was drunk enough to have blackouts though. She remembers being affectionate with Michael cause they had one of thier little heart to heart talks. She also remembers being affectionate with me and you too but not anybody else. Any how she extends her apologoes to whomever was offended and will try to exercise restraint in the future.

They weren't offended so much as slightly weirded out.

I think it's important to stress that no one has a serious problem with her and her behavior - though it would definitely be a good thing for her to tone down the alcohol a bit.

I did stress to to her that it wasn't a serious problem and wasn't likely to become one unless the behavior persisted and became worse. This is why Cara no longer goes to bars. it's not just KOC she avoids but any bar or club. she actually begged off a friends bridal shower because it was being held at a bar. She and I actually ended up going to The Stanford that night instead. The main reason she passed out on you is cause she was tired. She had already spent the better part of the day in Santa Cruz with her sister and and out of town friend prowling the antique and vintage shops. She would have proabbly been a lot more alert and in control if she hadn't been tired.

Probably a good idea.

I got the impression she was mostly just tired - especially with the planned intention of leaving at 10:30pm. As I said before, I certainly didn't mind.

As far as I'm concerned, attractive women I happen to like can curl up against me and go to sleep any time they want. :-)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: Thank You

Awww - a full two weeks?

And here I was hoping to convince you to do dinner in Berkeley next week...

Maybe if I hit the right note, I can convince you to treat for two dinners after that.


HUGS back!

The Ethiopian place looks very cool - are all of the furnishings as neat as the ones in the pictures?

Makes me want Ethiopian, though.

Naw - if you look in the "photos" section, you'll see they also have a fair number of standard tables (which is where we ate). They do, however, bring the platter out covered in one of those basket tops (which they then take away), and they bring out the bill in a little leather box.

On the other hand, you're surrounded by Ethiopians (mostly customers), who are on the whole quite decorative in their own right.

A quick search finds quite a few places in Manhattan - though, of course, nothing whatsoever in Long Island...


I know a good one in the east village, and I have a lead on another one that's supposed to be good. I also know a good one in Ottawa - we went last year during American Thanksgiving in Canada 2006. Maybe I can convince the ATiC2007 crew to go this year.

It was SO DAMN FOGGY last night going home. If the visibility was 50' ahead, I'm probably being generous. I felt like I was playing "Silent Hill: Car Edition."

My neighborhood was especially thick, to the point that I could actually see the beams of my headlights through the fog (Not something I often see)

Thankfully I made it home in one piece, though I REALLY hate it when I'm tired enough that I don't remember large chunks of the ride home >_>

I think a lot of it had lifted in the south bay by the time I headed home.

It was still thick enough to be a problem, though, and between that and the water on the roadway, I wondered what the hell was the problem with all the drivers doing 80.

I was doing 60 in the really foggy stretches, and people were zooming past me on both sides.

When I got onto the 101 onramp, I kinda automatically switched on my high beams for the ramp - and immediately switched them off...

I'm really sorry I missed the party, but gridlore and I went to the mall to do our $WINTERHOLIDAY shopping before it gets completely insane. We got home around 4, and I was so utterly drained I went to bed and didn't wake up again until almost 9. (And then was up until 3 chatting with highglider, but that's another story.... *grin*)

I'll make a point of hitting Dinner & Leftovers on Wednesday.

Not to complain or anything, but I didn't even make it to the party until 9:15pm or so. Though I can see where the chatting would be higher priority. ;-)

Well, I was awake at that point, but still in serious spoon-deficit when it came to large crowds. I probably could've handled about half an hour before my brain exploded and I needed to leave again.

Completely understood. :-)

Oh...did you want to go up early on Thursday and install the screen door?

Certainly a thought. They want us up there at 2:00 for the general party, so it would have to be at least noon...

Getting up early is not a problem on my part, dear. Just tell me when you want to be up so I can start waking you a couple hours before that. ;-)

Lately, the getting up part isn't so bad - it's the constantly finding distractions to slow me down bit that's been a bitch...

*looks around for whip* I think I can manage.