Bruce (kor27) wrote,


I was a little late to the bar last night, mostly because I had a sudden craving for Taco Bell (for which I blame hollyk), and decided to sit down and eat at the restaurant like a civilized human being.

I like to simulate one from time to time.

So I got to the bar 15 minutes late. I forgive me.

Holly was already there, talking to Angelino, but that was pretty much it. I would have been set up in time, but I started talking to Holly, and, well...

Again, I forgive me. At 8:30pm, the only additional singer I had was synkitty. It still didn't quite feel like enough people to start.

But I did have everything up - and enough people - by 9:00pm. And it picked up very nicely from there. This was the best Thursday I've had in at least a month, possibly more.

swanhart made it out for the second time in quite a while. justnate spent the evening for the first time in an enormous while - and I'm sure the equally rare appearance of stormmonkey was not completely coincidental. Though it might have had more to do with bluize bartending...

tigercutig brought spawrhawk out, which was wonderful. I've been wanting to hug the Saenz since, well... since. And it's always nice to see Seth (and almost unheard-of to see him at the bar these days).

And trivialt, and moahb, and timenchanter. Also an excellent singer named Tiffany (and her entourage), who unfortunately is only up for the weekend, before heading back down to her regular job at Disney. She's quite obviously trained, but I got the impression she's never done karaoke before. She was a lot of fun, and not exactly hard on the eyes.

A couple of giggly girls (Debra and Christina), whose IDs I fervently hope were checked. They didn't sing too badly, and certainly put energy into it.

And markobellydance and celticnoor and supersniffles and Gayla (Nate's mom) and... I'm sure other people I'm forgetting right now.

Like sjgrrrl, who was a tad disturbed that Holly had left her house keys with me. I'm apparently the only straight male who's ever had her house keys.

I had a total of 23 singers for the night.

It was a little confusing for parts of it. I got several songs late, and also had to get a couple of people up early because they were leaving. So things kept on happening outside of the normal rotation. I think everybody dealt OK.

In any case, I ran until 2:00am, where I cut off one song short of the end of the 6th rotation.

Then the usual teardown, packing, dealing with Paula (when we've had a few bad weeks, a good night becomes the first good night in months, in her eyes), and some food at the Mini.

Then home, where I didn't exactly sleep well, largely because of the aforementioned food at the Mini. So it goes.

Today's largest accomplishment has been washing my sheets and remaking my bed. I'd have done more, but I'm out of quarters...

Right now I'm just relaxing. I've getting Ethiopian food with hektikat later tonight, and am really looking forward to that.

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