Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Free Again!

This should be short (It won't be. It never is), since almost nothing at all happened since my last post. The vast majority of my time has been spent sleeping. The remaining has almost exclusively been spent online, acting all wise and dispensing advice I'm not really qualified to give.

Dinner last night was a Hawaiian pizza from Fast Pizza Delivery. This is the second time I've ordered exactly that from them. They don't kid around - the pizza arrived in 15 minutes. I suspect microwaves are involved somewhere in the process.

Fairly decent pizza, though, and quite cheap.

This morning I got the call to go pick up the car, so I marched up the street. I now have a new clutch and flywheel. He decided to do show'n'tell with the old parts. Lots of heat damage, and a pin bearing that looked like something from an archeological dig.

It apparently took a lot more work than he expected, but out of the goodness of his heart (and, I believe, the requirements of California law), he charged me precisely what he'd quoted. Good thing he didn't try for more - that pretty much drained my reserves.

I decided to drive around a little, so I grabbed some lunch at In-n-Out, and tried a bit of both street and freeway driving. Definitely better. There's actually that feeling of "release" about halfway through the pedal travel, and shifting's a lot easier. Second gear is still a little tougher than I'd like, I suspect because most of its synchromesh is now a thing of the past.

Some day when I've miraculously acquired scads of money, I'll look into replacing the transmission. Probably by replacing the whole car...

After that little outing I headed home, and had more of the aforementioned sleep and surfing. I woke up about 45 minutes ago, and need to start prep for this evening's entertainment.

Who knows? Maybe people'll show up this time. I know hollyk's at least thinking of making an appearance.

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