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Bruce [userpic]

I got enough people to start the show last night at around 9:30pm - and then I started getting singers, starting with the addition of kizmet100 to the mix. We also had an unheard-of early Eddie and Shawn by 10:30pm or so.

hektikat graced us with her presence for possibly as much as two hours - quite a stretch for one of her study breaks.

In any case, the rotation expanded to about 8 and stayed right about there until around 1:00am, where it shrank to 5, then a couple at 3 (myself, timenchanter, and supersniffles) before I closed down at 1:50am.

Between Sunday and Monday, the bar take was within a dollar of average, which I found quite amusing.

I must have generally been doing OK with song selection. At the end of the night, I put away something like 7 slips that I'd written up for people.

I packed up, and headed to Denny's, where I had a pleasant dinner, then learned not to order the carrot cake.

Then home, and... Well, a bit of explanation: The driveway for the Duplex goes between two units to some parking spots in the back. In order to reduce the distance I need to stagger with my main quipment rack, I park the car directly in front of my door, unload from there, then park in the back.

The first inkling something was wrong was when I just parked in the back, then realized I had a car full of stuff.

I backed up - badly - and moved everything inside. This included plugging everything in (I find I never work with the karaoke PC if it's not hooked up).

I got ready for bed, surfed some, and had finally settled into bed when someone started knocking on the wall of the building. I threw on my bathrobe, went to the door to find out what was going on - to discover to my horror that I'd left the car parked in the driveway. It was 5:00am, and one of the neighbors wanted to go to work.

That was inkling number two.

The third was that, with some small breaks here and there, I've been asleep since then. I kinda feel like going back to bed right now.

All that, coupled with joint aches that I normally don't have, tell me I'm getting fucking sick again. Dammit. I always have a couple of days of grogginess and oversleep a day or two before the symptoms hit.

It's probably the thing that's been going around lately, which I've been hoping was the tail end of the same sickness of doom that I just got over. Doesn't look like it.

In the meantime, I've got to consider whether to bother getting clean and dressed, and go out for food, or order a pizza. Life's full of these tough decisions.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: lethargiclethargic
(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Thanks for the offer - Timmie just headed off to get us some Carl's...

you must be off, I didn't get a single txt interuption in class :D feel much better dear......just think you get to be graced with my presence saturday....but only if you are well :D

I know, I've been terribly remiss. I'm being as Californian as I can, and dosing myself on Elderberry extract and Airborne.

I'll look forward to seeing you Saturday, though I'll likely be there quite late...

me too! work till 8:30

We may arrive at similar times, then - though I'll have much more pleasant duties, since I'm just doing my usual "evening with the 'rents."

Yes indeedy. So how is school, anyway?

meh, I forced myself to go to the library after class I was there for 3 hours and found that I was just procrastinating with different surroundings

I know.

While there are surroundings that make it impossible to concentrate, there really aren't any that positively make one focus on what one needs to do...

As a master procrastinator, I've pretty much tried them all.

So how bad is it?

lol, I have a huge homework assignment due thursday that I've barely started and barely done the reading for

Damn. And here am I, all out of bullwhips.

However, apart from dosing myself with anti-disease crap, I have nothing I really need to do before Thursday evening.

Und ve do haff vays do mach you read!

The homework itself, well, that takes a little more self-starting. But at least if the reading were done, the homework might be a tad less daunting.

Offer's always open. :-)

Food, glorious food

(once upon a time I was substitute stagehand for a night at a performance of Oliver!, but I digress)

Congratulations. Google has analyzed my friends page and determined that I should be awarded an ad for the California Culinary Academy. A friend of mine went there, but in this case I'm pretty sure your postings have to take the credit.

[oh, goodie! The preview of this reply has an ad for Le Cordon Bleu]

Re: Food, glorious food

My apologies. I normally don't think about ads, mostly because I have them completely blocked from my account...