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Songs and the City

I didn't wake up for the day yesterday until 4:30pm, so not too surprisingly, I didn't make it to moahb's new place until 6:00pm or so. Still, I helped with a few minor tasks - reassembling his BBQ, and small repairs on a couple of bookshelves.

So at least I did manage to contribute a bit before running off to the bar.

Where it was quite a nice night. I even had 7 singers lined up before starting - on time, for once.

blankreloaded never showed up, which was kinda sad. But we had tenshinigami, linfalgamo, mrmouse, timenchanter bartending, eventually cekyr0 and jeffercine, and a cast of tens!

We even had a small group of new people, several of whom sang a couple of songs.

In the end, we had about 21 individual singers, and ran for 10 rounds before closing at about 2:05am. As is usual, the rotations only piled up because of people being sane and leaving at a decent hour.

Definitely a fun night. The bar even did reasonably well.

supersniffles and I had some supper/sobering up time at Denny's. We were supposed to be joined by Timmie and Alex, but they got rather absorbed in a heart-to-heart, and didn't show up until we were just about to leave.

So I got Cindi back to her car, headed home, and got to bed by about 5:00am.

Now, one little detail: My clutch has been acting up for some time. Last night, it not-quite-failed. It simply doesn't disengage enough to make shifting easy, or in some cases, even possible. I'm going to take it in in the morning, but today I just didn't have the time.

Because today I woke up a little before noon, got up as quickly as I could, and went to the City.

Running a little blind, what with the lack of phone and all.

Which was why I was there - a Craigslist ad for the same crimson Treo as mine.

So, after the usual gyrations, wrong turns, and missed addresses, I got myself a replacement phone. That was something like 2:30pm.

Since I hadn't eaten yet, I headed out to Fisherman's Wharf and Nick's Lighthouse for some food, and a quiet place to transfer info. By 3:30pm, everything was transferred and I had a functional phone.

I then had 2 and a half hours of free parking left, so I wandered around the area, eventually remembering the Maritime Park and the Balclutha. That ship was one of my major things to visit in the City when I was a kid, and it had been over 30 years since I'd last seen it.

That was really cool - nothing like I remembered it, but that's honestly just fine. A nice combination of coming home and new discovery.

They kicked me out of there at 5:00pm, and I wandered for a bit more before braving traffic around 5:45pm.

I found the seagulls had helped me, by providing my car with quite a number of souvenirs of the visit.

Then the joys of an hour of semi-heavy traffic with a non-functioning clutch, a quick nap in front of the bar, and here I am, all set up in a near empty bar.

The customers so far are (annoying) Bob and sjgrrrl. Not really enough to start the show. I'm being really lazy and playing DJ Tripp mashups. I'll probably shift over to movies in a bit.

Timmie's supposed to get here at 9:00pm. I'll likely start then...

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