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Bruce [userpic]
I'm Ba-ack...

I'm back on the air with a functional phone, for all those waiting with bated breath.

And, of course, lizzstar called me last night while I was unavailable...

Current Location: Nick's Lighthouse
Mood: relievedrelieved

that's good to know. i've got a new phone, as well. i'm glad everything is right with the world again. heh. :p

All is indeed right again.

So what did you end up getting?

the warranty store had the same phone in stock, so that's what i got. it took me about 20 min yesterday to get it all taken care of. :)

Doesn't take long, does it?

Sunday I found a Craigslist ad for exactly the same phone - which was especially remarkable, given Palm doesn't sell the GSM Crimson any more.

So I went up to the City today to get it, found myself a quiet booth in a restaurant, and moved everything over. Duplicated, up and running in 30 minutes...

they still have the crimson ones in the first at&t store i went to, i think. i was actually trying to convince them that i needed an iphone. the girl who was helping me was very nice, but still wouldn't give it to me. :(

I knew you were going to try for the iPhone. I can't say I'm amazed they didn't give to you, but it was worth a try.

They might have had crimson ones in stock here, but for the unlocked GSM they want something like $379 - this one was $300, and essentially new.

yeh, i really didn't think they would give it to me. i would've kicked myself if hadn't tried.

Of course!

It would be like buying a watch on Canal Street at the asking price...

my point exactly. ::smirk::