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It's the Grass, Man

"She" and Lajosh are cleaning up the front yard.  I can't exactly complain - at least under Lajosh's direction, they're doing a reasonably good job.  I'll reserve my amusement for the motivation, which I suspect is a mix of (1) chemical, (2) sucking up, and (3) attempting to take ownership.

I even took a trip out to get oil for the lawnmower, and Lajosh is theoretically fixing my lawnmower blades.  Probably is, actually - tweaker or no, the guy's actually pretty competent.

The more surreal parts were "She" saying something weird to me, follwed by Lajosh calling out "Is that any way to treat the man you're going to marry?", and "She" asking me, while trimming the rosemary, if I liked her acting like a lesbian.

I told her it was nice to see her productive for a change, and when she repeated herself a couple of times, I asked Lajosh if there was something I needed to know about him.  He was amused, and I was amused, so I'll consider that conversation a 2 out of 3 win.

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