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Bruce [userpic]

Now this is an empty bar.

Current Location: KoC
Mood: boredbored

wish i could share in your boredom, but i'm still sick. i am starting to feel better a little each day though.

Glad to hear you're starting to feel better.

I suspect the whole "feeling sick" thing is one of the reasons no-one's here.

Either that, or I really need to change deodorants...

thanks. yeah, this has been 1 nasty bug. only good thing about it is the weight loss i've experienced, but i could really do without the coughing spells. at least they're coming less frequently.

definitely seems to be making the rounds and i'm sure it's not your deodorant. ;)

If it's the same thing I had, I didn't get rid of the pneumonia until after a round of antibiotics.

First time I remember having my lungs burble after a cough...

slow night and I'm too far away

keep the chicka in line... idle hands and all that;)

Re: slow night and I'm too far away

Well, dear, there was no-one for those hands to be idle with, if you catch my meaning.

We now have some people, but by extension, she's now working.

So how are things in the Deep South?

Re: slow night and I'm too far away

Sodding awful. Mind you we are at a balmy 65degrees during the day. Finals are around the corner the first week of december. sigh. But with that being said, I'm excited about being home for the hols. talking to the chicka now... high maintenance... ech

Re: slow night and I'm too far away

Well, there's worse than 65...

So I've heard, anyway.

Hopefully I'll be able to see you for a bit when you come back.

Not touching the high maintenance comment with a ten foot pole. I've already been fingered as your mole in the organization...

Re: slow night and I'm too far away

no worries. I fessed up before she figured it out. Am watching 30 rock... I'm the high maintenance one- go figure. just jealous that I'm stuck studying here and not back home... so in effect i'm living vicariously through you all. >sobs< anywhoo... if there's "hot action" all I ask are for pictures to get me through the next month >smirk

Re: slow night and I'm too far away

You!?! I never would have imagined you as the high-maintenance one. Ever. At all.

Not that I heard anything at all about reactions to pictures taken in early 2006...

Speaking of which, if anything racy happens, I'll be sure to pull out my camera and document it. 'Cause I'm just cool like that.

Re: slow night and I'm too far away

Again... I'm 2200 miles away... and AND I'm have a shocking and I mean shocking withdrawal symptoms. That, and oddly enough I'm horridly protective- read - controlling... bad news. In Vinos veritas... Cheers

Re: slow night and I'm too far away

Well, ya know, distance makes the heart grow more obsessive and all that...

And I can imagine what I'd be like, if I was suddenly dumped down there. I find I rather like it here - and I love my friends.

Cheers! I've been drinking water tonight - I'll have to find something appropriate to toast with. :-)

Re: slow night and I'm too far away

Contrary to popular belief the distance generally cools one's ardor. At least mine. As for drinking water don't you know that it makes the body rust? Fa ruginire il corpo. (italian) Mind you I have switched from vino to tequila... bad king influence. Tomorrow 8:30am ethics. Oh the irony.

As for you... I'm glad you are happy to be among friends. I used to spend my time at adrenochrome many moons ago. good grief.. over 5 years ago. hard to believe so much time has passed by. I suppose everything happens for a reason and I should add some trite comment re: growth. FYI chicka has sharp horns too >blush<

Re: slow night and I'm too far away

Well, I didn't say it made the heart fonder or anything.

Et ça fait rouiller le corps? Intéressant, ça.

Sorry - I don't do Italian. :-)

And quite apart from the bad King influence, um, mixing tequila and wine is a near guarantee to make that quite a fascinating ethics class. They may even tell you about it later.

Ah, Adrenochrome. Amy and I effectively founded that. It had a good run.

And yeah, I'm pretty happy with my friends - when I'm not wallowing in being old and lonely, anyway. I find I'm pretty good at finding something to be depressed about, no matter what...

Re: slow night and I'm too far away

Ah mon cher... Je sais. Maintenant je suis desolait. Toujours sol sans ma femme. ca soufit. I never said I could spell worth a dam.
Old lonely?? Never.. we live (ehhem- in 6 mos) in california.. we don't get old and lonely. smirk.
As for the tequila.. it should help me sleep and hopefully not pass my 7:30 wakeup alarm...
shower optional as long as I get there. O... and lets not get started in german.. I'm bloody useless ..

Re: slow night and I'm too far away

No, let's not start in German. Sadly, all I know is English and French. And a tiny smattering of Russian.

I wasted my time in school - when I was in France, I'd take English, and here, I'd take French. Should've at least taken Spanish, dammit - it would be nice to be able to talk to the neighbors, ya know?

And as far as old and lonely is concerned, well, unless you're rich and can afford the operations, you're really supposed to disappear around here when you get too old looking. I can still pass for 10 years younger, but eventually...

OK, that was bullshit. My real problem is that almost all the women I know are 20 or more years younger than I am. And that makes me feel kinda weird in a number a ways...

I'd be there if I hadn't sworn I wasn't gonna go out tonite....especially over the hill.....I'm hell bent on sleeping in my own damn bed tonite

Sounds like a plan. :-)

I've been going since about 10:10pm, when a few people, then the softball team, showed up.

So the rotation's about 10 long, which is crappy for a Thursday, but whatever.

So I no longer feel like everyone is avoiding me. :-p

Sleep well, your Hawtness!

I wish I was there with my following of friends. :(

I just wish you were back out here, honestly.