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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
Fun and Victims

I made it to the Hamptons almost on time last night. 6:45pm beats a lot of my usual arrival times.

Another low-key night, with cekyr0 and jeffercine (of course), timenchanter, Ken B., k_magic, the always sexy wissavix, and, after a bit, Her Squeesomeness princesskiti22.

If I missed someone, it's because I do that.

Since I was allowed to, I brought cheese and crackers.

As usual, I grazed on way too much food, and had great conversations with excellent people.

The subject of the Star Wars Family Guy episode came up, and while that was transferring to the Tivo, I was able to convince Jefferson to let me play several segments from the Kentucky Fried Movie.

I was having a lot of fun skipping back and forth through the best skits when the remote was forcibly removed from my hand...

So we watched the Family Guy episode, which was a lot of fun, then the Chinpokomon South Park for good measure.

Most everyone went to bed or went home, and I ended up staying around to watch Chase show off his hackerish ways. Mostly just funny videos about and pictures relating to exploits.

I think I got out of there around 3:30am or so. Then home, and oblivion.

I woke up today around 4:00pm. Think I've had enough sleep for a change...

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: cheerfulcheerful

I haven't heard from you & its 6:45.......are you okay? or is there no song in your heart today

See other communication device...

lol......my apologies

Apologies? Why? Dear, if you haven't noticed, I'm particularly happy to get any contact from you I can get. :-D