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Son of Rats Meets Daughter of Frankenstein

So I now have an update on the happenings last night from Mena.

Apparently all the yelling I heard last night - and quite a bit I didn't hear - was stormmonkey cornering Mena.  She didn't even try to talk to "She".

I figure there's one of two possible reasons for this.  Either she thinks Mena is the house slave, or she's afraid to confront both me and "She", and takes it out on Mena as a "safe" alternative.

In any case, she apparently got Mena to agree that she (Rachell) was here all the time taking care of her animals.  Mainly because Mena wanted Rachell to go away and let her sleep.  I mean, talk about patently untrue - if that had been true, they wouldn't have spent 4 days in the back yard before Rachell even found out.

In any case, Rachell apparently has threatened to call both the police and the ASPCA on "She".  This could get amusing.  After explaining the situation, it's not clear who'd end up charged with what...

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