Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Squeaking By

After my last narrative post, I cleaned up, then dragged timenchanter out to Red Robin for some comfort food.

He'd brought a blanket, so he just napped in my car until his bar shift started, at 9:00pm.

When he walked in, I finally had three singers (myself, sjgrrrl, and Timmie), and started the show. I think we were at least somewhat entertaining to the couple sitting by the door.

I had a total of 7 singers last night. René sang once, we had a couple of hours of jorgitoelcubano, and quite a bit of kizmet100 and lucydogstringer.

There were also a few customers that came and went, but not exactly what you'd call a crowd.

So I fit 19 rotations between 9:00pm and about 2:03am. I believe that's the most I've ever done.

Now, the really funny thing is that, what with the birthday party, and the people we had buying a reasonable amount, the bar take for Sunday and Monday was only down about 4%. So I really don't have a huge cause to complain. Still an odd night.

Afterwards, Timmie and I hit Denny's for supper, and then home, and something like sleep.

Today has been the usual (necessary) laid back Tuesday. I worked on that theology(ish) post, and, well, mostly several chat conversations here and there.

And now I'm finishing dinner before they lock me in.

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