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Bruce [userpic]

I didn't start the show proper tonight until 9:00pm - when I finally had a rotation of myself, sjgrrrl, and timenchanter. Which is where things still are, 3 rotations later.


On the positive side, Timmie asked me what I wanted to drink, and I said "It's suicide night." He's been poring over the bartender book ever since...

Current Location: KoC
Mood: sadunloved
dying of curiosity

what part of the body is that tattoo on...?

First of all: No bet. I read your post. Poor thing.

It's not bad - and involves no tequila, though a fair amount of gin.

I'm mostly marveling that we actually have crème de cassis in stock...

Rest assured you don't want me there tonight. I started feeling a scratchy throat as I was driving home from my date Saturday and was full-on miserable by the time I woke up yesterday morning. :-P

I'm sorry to hear that, dear.

At least it happened after the date...

True enough. (I emailed highglider in an utter panic when I got home, because he left yesterday for two weeks out of the country, and if I'd given him a cold I was going to be SO EMBARRASSED. But he rightly pointed out that he'd gotten shots for so many other things that could outright kill a person, some poor little rhinovirus wasn't gonna stand a chance. *grin*)


Given Timmie's mood, I'd take my first sip very carefully if I were you. And even if it tastes good, be suspicious! ;o)

Seriously though, I'm sure he wouldn't try to poison you or anything. Just make flames come out of your eyeballs or something mild, ya know.

Re: hmm...

He seems to have satisfied himself with simply giving me something weird.

He knows me...

I forgot!


Re: I forgot!

Love you too, dear. :-D


Unloved you say? Would I spend hellacious amounts of time wading my way through mixology books to find the perfect drink if I did not love you? Would I? Hmmmm? I think not.

Okay, so maybe it wasn't the perfect drink, but it seems to have been acceptable.

Re: Unloved?!?!

It was fine dear, and quite interesting, to boot.

I didn't mean by you.

Re: Unloved?!?!

Well...you should be more specific then. *sniff, huff*