Bruce (kor27) wrote,


I didn't sleep well last night, at least in part because of the nightmares.

Of all things, ghost nightmares.

They're of course pretty hazy - they always are, for me. But in the first, I was telling someone about a ghost I had experience with, and they said something like "That's nothing compared to... Directing Mary!"

I had a flash of some chick in white, pointing, out of the back window of a car, a feeling of cold fear, and woke up.

Nothing quite like waking up, still scared, while going "WTF? Directing Mary?!? That's possibly the single lamest ghost name ever! And what does she do? Point in the direction of traffic flow? Oooooooh!"

Then a very odd bit where my back was up against something. I woke up when I realized I was sleeping on my side...

And something very complicated that seemed to involve more ghosts and full-size Dia De Los Muertos statue arrangements. Sort of a Beetlejuice like thing. Of course that's all I remember of it...

So yeah. I just went out and grabbed some incredibly healthy McDonald's breakfast, and am about to try for a little more sleep. In the light, this time.


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