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Bruce [userpic]
Well, THAT Was Interesting

I was here in Fry's when the quake hit, about nine minutes ago, now.

Nothing like realizing there's no particularly safe place as you look at the giant light fixtures swing overhead.

It felt like the building was pushed side-to-side a couple of times by a giant hand, so I shouldn't have been too far from the epicenter.

My parents are OK, at least - they just called.

Current Location: Fry's, Santa Clara
Mood: awakeawake

It was 5 mi NNE of Alum Rock.

Yup, and 7 miles due east of Milpitas, as well as a mere 5.6.

I almost feel embarrassed to have noticed it...

might not have been very big, but it was long lasting....

Over at Fry's, it was basically two compression wave hits - it was over within 10 seconds.

If one were on bay landfill, however, the quivering would last for quite some time...

where i live was all orchards before they put up the park and i was asleep when it started, but it lasted a good 10 seconds after i woke up.

See, it was nothing more then a light shake up by my house. I was literally on my couch playing my DS, and I sorta felt myself moving. I lifted my head up, and quizzically tipped it, then sorta muttered "Earthquake?"

By then it was over. I assumed it like a 2.0 or something. But no, I was mistaken, a 5.6. Huh....well gosh......

Glad everyone is fine though

Yeah, well, it was a 5.6 fairly far away from you.

It was enough to get all the light fixtures at Fry's swinging for about 15 minutes, which was reasonably entertaining on its own.

The main worry is that I believe the position given as the epicenter is on the Hayward fault. If it's a preshock, we could be in for an interesting ride...

Oh yes, you know how the news LOVES to talk about how "Is THIS the harbinger of impending doom!" thereby assuring at least 10% of the population will be freaking out for the next 2-3 days.

If you mean the one off Hamilton, yeah, I was in there too. That roof made things LOUD.

Nope - I was in the one up off of Lawrence.

The sinc() one, not the Egyptian one...

our poor fishy lost some of his water, and was rightfully freaking out. I was fortunately done doing my pre-test makeup for halloween or would have had some scary whiskers on my face in eyeliner (which unfortunately clogged my pores)

My goodness....

okay so my response to our spiritual tennis game just took like seven comments because LJ won't let me leave enough characters :) So i think either you should respond in my LJ community (http://community.livejournal.com/365jesus/) or email me :) cause i am sick of leaving a million comments :)


Re: My goodness....

Well, five, but who's counting?

And I'm going to have to take some time myself to respond, since it looks like it's time to dig up the references. And I am le tired.

So yeah, this could get... voluminous... so we should probably start using full posts. Your community seems an appropriate spot. :-)