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Bruce [userpic]

I didn't get really anything like awake yesterday until 3:00pm or so, and dragged myself through getting up.

Then She Who Shall Not Be Named pulled in a favor - I'd said I'd give her some power strips the last time I saw her, and she's moving into a different part of the building.

So I packed up the car, threw in a couple of power strips, and headed over.

In my present condition, it's very hard to walk away from a cute thing that's hanging on your arm and your every word (Yes, astroaztec, I said "cute thing." With some reason. There is much history there). So I didn't completely break away until 5:10pm or so, and then headed over to Moon Zooom.

An incredibly impressive place. I was at a complete loss until a quite attractive woman and her mother decided that dressing me like a Ken doll was far more amusing than worrying about their costumes. So I pretty much stayed in the dressing booth, and tried on things that they handed me.

At one point, I staggered into one of the walls of the booth, which knocked the bar holding the curtain off, leaving me holding a dress up between an almost naked me and the world. It was a perfect sitcom moment.

It was a lot of fun, and in typical Bruce fashion, not only did I not get a phone number, but I didn't even get a name...

So I now have three dresses, one for tonight, one for Wednesday, and one for the Thursday show. Each of them completely different. I'm afraid that's all I have, but I completely neglected to shop for a purse, they didn't have heels in my size, and besides, I'm pretty certain that heels and I, well... let's just say survival wouldn't be certain.

By this time it was 6:30pm, and I hadn't eaten yet. So I forwent Sarah and Paul's party, grabbed some Arby's, and rushed up to the bar.

I've said this sort of thing before, but essentially: Last night would have been a great Monday. Well, a little slow on the rotation side (I ran 14 of them before closing down at 2:03am), but quite a decent Monday bar take.

For a Sunday, it kinda sucked. On the other hand, it was the first time I've seen qzar_mystik in ages, I was blessed with several hours of moahb and celticnoor, and even got an appearance by trivialt.

And of all things, Steve and Larry came in and spent an hour or so! I haven't seen Steve since S.J. Pride...

I had about 17 different singers by the end of the night - just not all together.

I spent most of the evening doing songs that I haven't been able to manage before, and on the whole, not doing too badly. It's nice having my voice back, such as it is.

So I enjoyed myself, and I think most others did too. There was some Anthony/writenwrong drama of some form (I don't know what, but I can imagine), but I think that was only visible to the two of them - and possibly only visible to Paul. Anthony brought in a guy named James with a very nice voice - that was pleasant.

Since J was there at the start, the fast rotation meant we got to hear more songs from him - and that's always a plus.

Shutdown took forever, because I had the longest talk with Eddie I've had in quite a while, and also ordered a new amp for the bar. Paula suddenly decided she had to have it installed before the Wednesday Halloween show, because she's afraid lynxcat actually damaged it on Friday.

Apparently, Lynx pulled another one of his bridge-burning stunts. Big surprise, that.

So, anyway, it looks like I have things arranged properly so that the new amp should arrive at my apartment Wednesday - and at minimal cost. The sad thing there being that I'll miss the beginning of the Hamptons party, since I'll be at the bar plugging the thing in, then wading back south through rush hour. My life is so hard.

Then Denny's, and home, and quite a few hours of not particularly sleeping well, for whatever reason.

Right at the moment, I'm doing laundry. I've put it off too long, and offhand, if I'm going to be wearing a dress, I'd prefer to be wearing the underwear with the good elastic. I just finished OxyCleaning one of the dresses - it had a fairly noticeable tomato stain (we thought it was something else when I bought it, but it's stained from the outside in...).

And that's about it. Come out tonight and visit me at the bar - I need the money, and it's the only night I'll be wearing that particular lavender number.

Current Location: The Duplex
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part 4....

6) "he can't just have a change of heart, so instead, he gets a girl pregnant, and has his son wandering around (a very tiny fraction of) the world like the first flower child, telling people to "be excellent to each other" and "party on, dude!" - I have no doubt if Christ were to come back to day, he would be hanging out with the stoners, criminals, etc. Why wouldn't he? Those are the people he was designed for in the first place! Getting a girl pregnant....can you think of a better message to send to the human race than the concept of parent & child and then sacrificing that child? Isn't that the most gut-wrenching thing that no parent would want to do? I think it sends a very strong message that God loves us and made an ultimate sacrifice - cause it is one very few humans are willing to make. It is a poignant concept. If God had just said, “okay guys, my bad, let’s start over”….who would listen or believe him?

As for the unlimited wine supply - wine then is not like wine now. It isn't like there was seltzer water or cranberry juice readily available :) It is all cultural, it is the only thing they had. Sure they got drunk, but I think Jesus is the kind of guy who would keep the party going, not stop it :)

Again, none of this point contradicts the bible. And as for the whole sending his son deal, I explained that in previous paragraph. You, as a human with rights and a human will, get the gift and responsibility of either accepting it or not.

7) Note, by the way, that outside of the gospels, there's not a lot of corroboration for all these miracles. Never believe the report of a miracle from one of the original adherents to a religion. Take Joseph Smith - please. - Assuming you believe in historical research and the ability secular archaeologists have to determine the dates of documents, etc., we know that the majority of the writers of the Bible did not associate with each other and lived in different regions. Even those who did know each other - what motivation did they have to write such things if they were not at least remotely true? The reward they got was crappy travel conditions, persecution, and death. What is the perk for such a lie?

And also, those writers (such as Paul when he wrote to Rome) was not drawing upon ancient heresay of the OT, but rather was asking people to look at personal, present experience to learn about God's love for them. The same is true today. Churches preach about life application because there are a lot of comparisons to it in the bible, and God is a current God, not one that dwells solely upon ancient texts.

part 5....

8)Then the boy gets himself killed, without performing any "cross into butter" or "spear into feather fan" miracles. Afterwards, he supposedly comes back, based on the fact that (1) his tomb is empty, and (2) one, and only one of his disciples claims to have seen him. - Regarding above quote, Jesus did not perform magic tricks and he couldn't just walk off the cross and be like "ouch, jerk!" because that would defeat the entire purpose of sacrifice. The entire purpose of the message God was sending. It isn't like an alien sending a signal down to us, it is like a father saying to a son, "okay, these are the rules, this is how it's going to work, so don't be a wimp." And he wasn't. And he did make an impact, and he did convert the world (at least part of it) through the resurrection and he continues to make an impact through missionaries who follow the request he made to go into the entire world and spread what happened around. And He makes an impact on his own too. Even if you don't believe he has made an impact by turning everyone into pure saints (which is dumb and he obviously hasn't), you can't argue that many people have had an impact in their lives through alcohol recovery, getting through grief, finding a more constructive way to live their lives, etc.

Humans have a choice. It wouldn’t be a demonstration of love OR logic if they did not have a choice to believe it or not. But just because not everyone chose to….should mother teresa have not fed the hungry people she did because she would in no way be able to reach everyone? Should people not have been rescued from Katrina even though FEMA knew they wouldn’t be able to save everyone? Should Christ have not come even though he knew not everyone would accept it?

As for no corraboration of miracles outside of the gospels - the only thing I can say is that on missions trips I've been on, I've seen very similar things when people pray. I've seen demon possessed people, I've seen a blind person get healed, a paralyzed person walk, and it SCARED ME OUT OF MY MIND. You can be an ultimate cynic and say these were staged...but again, why would a blind person hang out with us for 3 weeks and then suddenly pull a stunt like that? Or if we went into a really remote village where they don't know us and we don't know them, what would give them the motivation to fake a demon possession or paralysis? The spirit behind these things and the fact they were complete strangers on both sides, unlike what you see on TV or in churches here, confirms my belief that miracles are apparent today as well. And plenty of people, Christians or not, have written books on them.

9) And somehow, since he was willing to go through a great deal of pain (though far from the worst torture in existence), daddy is now willing to stop his bloodthirsty ways. - not sure what the response to this is, because I am not sure what the question is. I think I responded to it somewhere above. God may seem “bloodthirsty”, but study the OT and all of the writings about graciousness, compassion, love, mercy, etc. A lot of the people living at that time don’t seem to agree with you…..

I hope none of this causes offense. It is so much easier to just write text book style than to try to be afraid of hurting your feelings. And besides you seem like a pretty tough and reasonable guy :) I think you know me well enough to know it is never my M.O. to hurt feelings and cause harm.

Ping! Your court….