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Bruce [userpic]

I didn't get really anything like awake yesterday until 3:00pm or so, and dragged myself through getting up.

Then She Who Shall Not Be Named pulled in a favor - I'd said I'd give her some power strips the last time I saw her, and she's moving into a different part of the building.

So I packed up the car, threw in a couple of power strips, and headed over.

In my present condition, it's very hard to walk away from a cute thing that's hanging on your arm and your every word (Yes, astroaztec, I said "cute thing." With some reason. There is much history there). So I didn't completely break away until 5:10pm or so, and then headed over to Moon Zooom.

An incredibly impressive place. I was at a complete loss until a quite attractive woman and her mother decided that dressing me like a Ken doll was far more amusing than worrying about their costumes. So I pretty much stayed in the dressing booth, and tried on things that they handed me.

At one point, I staggered into one of the walls of the booth, which knocked the bar holding the curtain off, leaving me holding a dress up between an almost naked me and the world. It was a perfect sitcom moment.

It was a lot of fun, and in typical Bruce fashion, not only did I not get a phone number, but I didn't even get a name...

So I now have three dresses, one for tonight, one for Wednesday, and one for the Thursday show. Each of them completely different. I'm afraid that's all I have, but I completely neglected to shop for a purse, they didn't have heels in my size, and besides, I'm pretty certain that heels and I, well... let's just say survival wouldn't be certain.

By this time it was 6:30pm, and I hadn't eaten yet. So I forwent Sarah and Paul's party, grabbed some Arby's, and rushed up to the bar.

I've said this sort of thing before, but essentially: Last night would have been a great Monday. Well, a little slow on the rotation side (I ran 14 of them before closing down at 2:03am), but quite a decent Monday bar take.

For a Sunday, it kinda sucked. On the other hand, it was the first time I've seen qzar_mystik in ages, I was blessed with several hours of moahb and celticnoor, and even got an appearance by trivialt.

And of all things, Steve and Larry came in and spent an hour or so! I haven't seen Steve since S.J. Pride...

I had about 17 different singers by the end of the night - just not all together.

I spent most of the evening doing songs that I haven't been able to manage before, and on the whole, not doing too badly. It's nice having my voice back, such as it is.

So I enjoyed myself, and I think most others did too. There was some Anthony/writenwrong drama of some form (I don't know what, but I can imagine), but I think that was only visible to the two of them - and possibly only visible to Paul. Anthony brought in a guy named James with a very nice voice - that was pleasant.

Since J was there at the start, the fast rotation meant we got to hear more songs from him - and that's always a plus.

Shutdown took forever, because I had the longest talk with Eddie I've had in quite a while, and also ordered a new amp for the bar. Paula suddenly decided she had to have it installed before the Wednesday Halloween show, because she's afraid lynxcat actually damaged it on Friday.

Apparently, Lynx pulled another one of his bridge-burning stunts. Big surprise, that.

So, anyway, it looks like I have things arranged properly so that the new amp should arrive at my apartment Wednesday - and at minimal cost. The sad thing there being that I'll miss the beginning of the Hamptons party, since I'll be at the bar plugging the thing in, then wading back south through rush hour. My life is so hard.

Then Denny's, and home, and quite a few hours of not particularly sleeping well, for whatever reason.

Right at the moment, I'm doing laundry. I've put it off too long, and offhand, if I'm going to be wearing a dress, I'd prefer to be wearing the underwear with the good elastic. I just finished OxyCleaning one of the dresses - it had a fairly noticeable tomato stain (we thought it was something else when I bought it, but it's stained from the outside in...).

And that's about it. Come out tonight and visit me at the bar - I need the money, and it's the only night I'll be wearing that particular lavender number.

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Paul and I talked, but that's his deal not mine.

Just when I thought I didn't have a voice last night, I not only HIT the note I wanted to, but I also HELD it and didn't waver at all. Which you know, was erased entirely by all the cracking in the rest of the song and... well.. I just need to start singing things lower.

There's a fine line between Eric's "Belt-It-Out Power Range" and "Cracking On Notes Higher Than Any Male Should Bother Tying to Hit". I really need a voice coach... there's something I'm just not quite "getting" that makes my singing clear and pretty-like, only to lose it a few notes later in a morass of ugliness.

Yes, I vaporized. Just another one of my "moment"s.

The rest of your post... high-larious :D Too bad I won't be around to see the dress, though.

Yeah, I know it's his deal - and I'm still wondering if I even should have mentioned it.

Voice training would not be a bad idea at all. Not trying to sing songs designed for women with strong upper ranges might be a good idea, too.

The two might end up going together...

Though I still think you did quite a decent job on Angry Johnny. Which, well, doesn't hit a lot of high notes...

I assume someone will document the dress for posterity...

For chrissakes, somebody take pictures. Some of us simply cannot make it tonight. I promise to tip you the very next time I see you.

Moon Zoom is one of the things i miss most about living in the south bay. Nothing here is old or cool. Vintage is beyond them.

I find it hard to believe there aren't any Goodwills or Salvation Army's up there.

That said, it's a remarkably unique store - including the prices. Two of the dresses I got are hand-beaded, and the total was still well under a hundred.

Costume rental up at Debbie's is more expensive.

Pics please?

If somebody takes them. Otherwise, you'll just have to come down and experience it for yourself. :-p


You're wearing a dress tonight?

Did you miss the whole thing last year when Casey backed me into coming in drag this year?

I was involved in drama? O.o when'd that happen?

I wondered if you even noticed.

I don't know what it was, or why, but y'know, if ya don't remember it, don't sweat it.

When you come down to it, I don't really know what it was, either.

LOL....after reading this post, I have to ask myself....was I even there that night???

Physically, yes. Mentally, no. After dealing with living situations, family situations, basically wiping my identity clean and starting my life totally over, and preparing for my trip to hell (aka Nebraska), I was beyond tired. And that to being in the bar, STILL having to deal with the fallout from "Martini-gate", one could say, I was somewhat....umm...edgy.

So, to clear up some confusion...no worries, no drama. There was nothing but an old cranky bartender who was wayyyyy beyond stressed over so many situations that were not connected to anyone or anything in the bar.

Apologies to Anthony for any misunderstandings and situations that got misconstrued. Apologies to Bruce as well.

Heh - kor27   Expand  

Well, if you're gonna mix me and Moon Zooom in the same paragraph, it's only fair to point out that we've got one over here, too, doncha know. That said, it's a bit daunting that there were three that would fit you. Five foot two, eyes of blue, that's not you.

I completely agree with you, except with the addition that what's really scary is that I narrowed it down to three dresses that I liked...