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Bruce [userpic]

Friday evening I left the house in search of food, and eventually ended up at Marie Callender's. Not thrilled.

I left there around 6:30pm, and stopped off at Fry's, mostly as a place to hang around during rush hour. I didn't find anything of particular interest, but I remembered that I'd been looking for a gig bag for my cables and incidental shtuff, and so fought my way through traffic to Guitar Center.

There I found a fairly nice (and cheap!) backpack that may just do the trick. I've got some of my stuff already in it, and will see what I can shoehorn in at the show.

Anyway, from there I moseyed on down to the Sherwood Inn, where I met up with kshandra for a night of straight bar karaoke. Sherwood is YAAEBS (Yet Another Avent's Empty Band Site), but unlike most of Avent's operators, Vinnie actually knows what he's doing. The sound was pretty good, and the rotation reasonably snappy.

And the fact that I was using a book from November 2006 helped me feel better about the two books I've still got from this June.

So it was good company and singing all night. I didn't even sound half-bad on a couple of songs - and got the reasonably cute (and nice!) cocktail waitress all a-flutter when I sang Ugly Girl.

And, of course, the definite plus that I got to hear Kirsten sing multiple songs.

I also ended up leaving my card with Vinnie - I may be filling in for him on occasion. Not that I necessarily want to be part of the Wal-Mart of karaoke, but I kinda need money.

I made the mistake of having three Jack and Cokes. Logically, three drinks between 9:00pm and 2:00am should be fine, but I was still feeling it then. I think I need to be more careful with Jack. He's also what I had trouble with at Bootie.

In any case, I very carefully wound my way to the Mini, where I successfully fortified myself, and returned to as normal as I get.

Then the usual home/sleep stuff, with relatively poor sleep (some nightmares that apparently had to do with the painting of light fixtures...), followed by waking up at 1:30pm.

I was supposed to be at my parents' place at 1:30pm. I made it by 3:00pm...

So, since the dump closes at 3:30pm, we didn't do a dump run. But I did quite a bit around the house - mostly plumbing. So 'twas OK.

Dinner there, then down the hill to the Duplex by about 9:00pm, a 10-minute "I need something costume-like" panic, then off to Gay Melrose for Ben and sjgrrrl's Halloween party.

And a pleasant time there. I spent quite a nice time lying back on the LoveSac with twitchet perched on my lap, and xtina_satanica and her pussy (Diane) making out next to me. People kept asking me what happened to my harem, after that evaporated...

Many excellent costumes - markobellydance came as the mad hatter, including the perfect hat, and a coat that I somehow correctly identified as an Aziza. valeriesparks and Josh, with Valerie doing her usual great job of flaunting it - as a nun.

And quite a few others, including a rather distracted, but definitely squee-ish, princesskiti22, and the rarely seen hogarthhughes.

I ended up spending most of my post-LoveSac time hanging out with jeffercine, which was nice - even with all the time I spend at his place, I don't actually talk to him all that much.

'Round about 1:00am, I was feeling tired, and so headed home, where I started this post. And promptly fell asleep in my chair. I'm going to finish my cold mug of tea, and climb into bed.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: lethargiclethargic

Having eaten at the original full-menu Marie Callender's shortly after it opened I have a soft spot for it, but then it was owned by the family. Now it's just another trademark that's been bought and sold too many times, I don't have teenage caloric intake needs, and I'm not going to school with any of the wait staff.

While I don't have teenage caloric needs, I definitely have teenage caloric habits (hence the paunch), and I eat at a fair number of soulless corporation restaurants.

But if you're going to charge that much, at least serve good food!

That's why I only go when the fabulous Zena is working....free pie & soup....yum!

A definite plus - though I hope the entrée's better than what I had.

'Twasn't bad, but 'twasn't all that good, either...

And a pleasant time there. I spent quite a nice time lying back on the LoveSac with twitchet perched on my lap, and xtina_satanica and her pussy (Diane) making out next to me. People kept asking me what happened to my harem, after that evaporated...

This makes you sound like such a perv... :P

Um... Wonder why that could be. ;-)

Sound like a perv? Where in the world have you been, dear?

The main thing is that I made it sound like much more of an orgy than is likely to happen with this group.

Tabby just likes to cuddle a lot, and in between kisses (with her date), I was able to get a nice conversation in with Nikki.

Sorry about the being distracted....my head has not been screwed on properly of late....& it shows no signs of doing so any time soon...... lame...... its not all good twitterpated distracted either..... **sigh** that's life I guess

Gee, you mean, almost like you're a real human being with real emotions? Fie!

I love you anyway, dear, even if you aren't continuously bubbly and entertaining.

I'm a little worried about the whole "blacking out" thing, but that's a concern of a different color...

meh, it wasn't that long, and I vaguely remember things, Its never happened before, & its not likely to happen again, besides I was in a safe place, and as far as I know I didn't do anything I wouldn't normally do sober, but I do appreciate your concern, its good to know people care

I actually have a fairly high degree of trust in your intelligence and ability to take care of yourself.

I'm more concerned about what it might mean about your emotional state in general.

Not that my concern does all that much good, but as I've told others, I reserve to myself the right to be worried.

Offhand, I think you need to drop this "going slow" bit and fuck the boy before you explode.

Lol, we'll see what happens......after last nite he may never want to talk to me again....meh.....they are always bound to find out I'm insane eventually......

Well, if he can't, then it wasn't going to work out anyway, was it?

I think I'd pick "wild" rather than "insane."

Though I have to admit, a touch of psychosis would explain why I'm so incredibly attracted to you.


heh, yeah I'm insane....and I'm sure he certainly thinks I'm certifiable.....I sent him text to let him know I was gonna crash at his place....a text he never got......so imagine his surprise when he came home around 430 to find me in his bed......yeah he thinks I'm crazy........

Oh the horror. An unexpected cute naked woman in his bed.

I know if it happened to me, I'd never survive the trauma.

I wasn't naked....but still its kinda creepy

It's kinda creepy when you've never been in that bed before. When it's almost habitual, and a text message didn't go through, it's simply a matter of mild miscommunication.

okay i've gotta ask.....do you ever go grocery shopping? :)

Of course! I stop at grocery stores before nearly every party!

I bought ice at Safeway last night, for example, and I'm frequently grabbing stuff at Trader Joe's for the Hampton's.

And I think that should sufficiently answer your question. :-p