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December 2020
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Bruce [userpic]
Not (Quite) Dead Yet

Last night's show wasn't quite dead - the rotation stayed a solid nine people for most of the night.

At least, once I got busy enough at 9:15pm to actually, y'know, start it.

The main reason we made money was a group from the more goth-y crowd that was continuously slamming back drinks from about 10:00pm on. It was funny. There was almost no-one in the place, I ran for 11 rounds on a Thursday, and writenwrong had to skip his slot 4-5 times because he was too busy making drinks to sing.

It was also an evening of people arguing with Paula about drink prices. Unfortunately, phrases like "I can get a Ketel-1 martini cheaper in the City" didn't seem to sink in too much.

I've looked around for any online drink price surveys, and have come up completely empty. I've previously asked for people to give me a rundown on prices, with no luck. It would be nice if I could get an idea, but otherwise I'm probably going to pick a few brains for a reasonable selection of drinks, then likely get myself sick buying them at some representative bars.

In the interest of science.

Meanwhile, it apparently never had occurred to Paula that quite a large number of mixed drinks involve more than a shot of hard liquor. There was, I gather, some back-and-forth with Paul on the subject. I'm occasionally amazed. I realize she doesn't drink (which is actually a huge advantage when you're getting a liquor license), but I'd think she'd have some idea of basic recipes - like, y'know, a vodka martini.

But, eh, whatever. I just feel the need to work on this. Otherwise, 'twas a pleasant time. hollyk actually lasted until 10:00pm. I got spawrhawk to sing at least one off-the-wall song, and Caesar helped with a couple of others.

I closed down at just about 2:00am, got out of there by 2:30am (Despite Paula being in a rather major venting mood, for some reason), then had supper at Denny's with supersniffles and Paul. With a tad more venting there.

Then home, sleep, etc. I'm sort of waking up, and once I finally get myself there, I'll see if sjgrrrl still needs moving help.

Otherwise, I continue to be at a complete loss about costuming - and the first party of the season is tomorrow. As almost everyone knows, I'm supposed to go in drag. For some reason (my occasionally semi-autistic brain, perhaps?), I really don't know how to go about that. It'll be interesting to see what ends up happening...

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Mood: awakeawake

Denny's was fun and yummy. The omelet was delish, but the side plate of bitter that I kept serving up, was in fact quite bitter. Sorry about that. But thank ya for enduring me. I'll behave better next time, I promise. LOL


No problem, dear. It's not like we don't, y'know, go through bartenders fairly rapidly for some reason.

And I actually want to know this stuff, 'cause I continue to have this crazy notion that I can do something about it.

Yep. And I wonder what will happen after next week when....oh...wait...I haven't posted about that yet. *zips mouth closed for now* LOL

Yes, we do go through bartenders quickly, but, for the most part, we are also just recycling through bartenders who have come and gone before. LOL

And at least I lasted a total of a year and 5 months (not including my little leave of absence). Whoo hoo.

The recycling doesn't last anywhere near as long.

For some reason.




Moon Zoom (on W. San Carlos) has quite a large selection of clothing at pretty cheap prices. Or you could go to the bar tonight and hope Wayne or Melissa are there. ;-)

I'll check it out.

Wayne or Melissa? I'm trying for drag, not the living dead!

BTW - Kirsten and I are at the Sherwood, if you'd like to come join us.

Well I would love to, but I don't think Kristi would take kindly to me abandoning her daughter... I like breathing.

The thought of an angry, vengeful Kristi is enough to give one pause...

Or a crying Leila.

Crying Leilas I can deal with. They are much like crying Gannons, Marleys and RJs. Irate mothers are a much, much more difficult thing.

I meant a crying Leila with no-one there, dear.