Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Last night was, on the whole, a very pleasant one at the Hamptons. The usual cast of excellent people, many pumpkins to be carved (a task I successfully avoided), many quips, jokes, and a great deal of snack food, much of the chocolatish variety provided by yours truly.

If I can't bring crackers, I shan't bring cheese either. So there!

I had my little emo-ish moment, as was obvious from my previous post. Just the usual matter of railing against my own counter-productive desires.

I was moping/dozing in a corner of the living room at that point, and after posting, decided to do something a little more positive.

I noticed it was after 3:00pm in Guam, called lizzstar, and had a very pleasant conversation that cheered me up considerably.

Even if she likely isn't staying in the Bay Area after her return. I sorta knew that anyway...

timenchanter and I ended up hanging out until 3:00am or so, largely because jeffercine decided to show a Jeff Dunham special. Funny, funny stuff.

Then home, and random futzing around until 5:30am or so, when I felt hungry. So off to Denny's for a bit, then home through the morning rush crowd. I believe I went to bed around 7:30am.

Therefore not a lot to say about the day, except that I received the mic stand - I'll have it at the show tonight.

Supposedly the urinal's been installed today, too, so there are a few changes afoot at the KoC.

And it's time for me to head that way. I get to see how many Disney songs people sing tonight. I swear that's the most popular purchase I've made in years.

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