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Wayne's World

I got myself volunteered to help Wayne (Paula's brother) run some telephone wiring.  Mainly because the ability to get people to do you favors apparently runs in the family.

This turned into quite a little project, which could have been more major if I hadn't found a cable already run near the place Wayne needed it.  That still meant a fair amount of drilling and threading was necessary.

However, the man is a packrat compared to me, and that's saying a lot.  A very neat packrat, which compares quite favorably to my indiscriminate piles, but I suspect his neatness is more because he can pack more into the same amount of space that way.  Large parts of his stuff had to be moved around in order to get near the places I needed to get.

So I managed my usual solution.  I got timenchanter to come help and do all the work.  Even so, I started at about 1:00, Timmy joined us about 5:30, and we finished around 10:00.

Now if I could only put forth the same amount of energy for improvement projects on my place...

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