Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Tiny Steps

Well, the tax form has been filed, and supposedly, they should be taking the money out of my checking account.

Not that they didn't screw that up last time.

But hopefully I'm at least in a good arguing position, if they try to pull the license.

Sigh. I just wish I weren't subject to these colossal emotional aversions to what is, in the end, nothing at all. These are the simplest tax forms on the planet. Really.

But since I had such a bad experience back in May, I kind of buried the whole sales enterprise idea behind an emotional wall. And any attempt to breach that wall has been... difficult.

Meanwhile, various charges have built up, I haven't dealt with money I could have had returned, things have fallen into disarray - it's just been a colossal mess.

Hopefully I can now get myself to fix things up. Like maybe, y'know, reading that letter from the city about my business license they sent in June. Oy.

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