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Bruce [userpic]

So I'm reading this article about a poor actress in Vietnam that has pretty much had her career terminated by the leaking of an extremely grainy sex video of her and her boyfriend.

You know, the sort of thing that would revive an acting career here.

And, of course, I find the video in question. For purely academic reasons, of course.

I'm having a hard time watching it - no pun intended, for once - because he's terrible. I mean terrible.

It's all very well to be all macho'n'forceful'n'shit when you know what you're doing, but I mean, she keeps having to forcefully push him away. In a couple of cases, so she can breathe.

I feel for the poor thing. Not only is her career ruined, but it's ruined by a recording of bad sex with a jackass.

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lol that is the greatest blog entry ever ;)

check please!

I clicked the link and watched the first five seconds, when he came on jumping into the bed with white cotton boxers I was out. LOL.

Re: check please!

Oh come now. That can simply be a mild cultural difference.

No, really - give it a couple more minutes.

Watch him go immediately for the clit!

Watch him try, repeatedly, to jam her head down on his dick, as she has to fight him off to get air!

Watch him, to all appearances, try to titty-fuck her, apparently without having realized that she's Vietnamese!

Watch him throw her body around like it was a rag doll - a couple of times with quite dramatic responses!

Granted, once they settle down to simple fucking, she looks like she might actually be enjoying herself here and there.

Oh, right, I remember now. Miss Manners had the perfect reply for when someone tells you something gratuitous.

How nice for you.