Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Smashing Success

Not too long after my last post, people started showing up.

In fact, more people than I can possibly remember - in the end we had 18 different singers. Though not all at the same time. The rotation stayed about 12-15 long from about 10:30pm on.

But at just a partial list, there was timenchanter, Daniel, supersniffles, synkitty, Roberta, Christine (who was convinced to sing a song by Timmie!), lucydogstringer, Lindsay & Lucky, and eventually Shawn & Eddie.

And then there was Woody. He arrived some time during the 7 initial "dead" rounds, spent a lot of time standing around looking creepy, and put up several songs that he later couldn't remember putting in, and at least once tried to do a song that he couldn't later remember having done.

Kind of blasted, was Woody.

Part of what happened could be (slightly) construed as my fault. At one point, around midnight, I think, he asked for a song right after finishing his previous one. And kept on expecting it would come up any minute. People kept having to sing elsewhere - though he'd follow the active mic, frequently with the cut off one in hand.

I, honestly, just didn't feel like trying to explain the situation to him. I wasn't too sure it was possible, anyway.

Around, I think, 12:30pm or so he bugged the hell out of Lucky by looming over her. writenwrong chased him off her, and cut him off.

And not too long after that, he tried to drive away.

He apparently caused damage to another car (whose owner we couldn't find), but mostly he smashed into Shawn's passenger-side door, exploding the window all over the interior of Shawn's car.

He would have tried to drive off, too, if the group of people out front hadn't managed to get him to stop. He then tried to do a standard insurance exchange. But no-one was about to let him drive away.

So the cops were called. Since this was Mountain View, three squad cars showed up. After the usual amount of information taking, Mountain View's finest gave him some free transport.

Shawn, bless his heart, is taking the view that his empty car was an infinitely better target than one being driven on the freeway.

And that was the drama for the night.

On the stats level, I ended the night at just about 2:00am, at the end of the 13th round. The bar did OK. A bit lower than usual, and infinitely better than if we'd closed earlier in the evening.

Afterward, Timmie and I did Denny's, then came home, where I, at least, collapsed into bed. The day's been spent, as usual, online. A little more actively on LJ than usual, however.

I recently got out of the shower, and need to get myself up to the bar.

Who knows what shape tonight's gonna take...

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