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Bruce [userpic]

Not much more exciting happened Saturday. I talked to my parents until 10:00pm or so, headed home, futzed around kinda uselessly, and got myself to bed around 2:00am.

Today I got myself up in time to make it to markobellydance and celticnoor's party for their baseball team. Definitely a nice party, with the usual complement of nice people.

I jumped from group to group, but probably hung out the most with timenchanter, cekyr0, jeffercine, and Ken B. Well, and sort of Debbie. Quite a nice little text message convo with the Empress.

Oh - I also got a voicemail from lizzstar in Guam this morning. I - or more precisely my phone - unfortunately slept through it. I'll likely be calling her shortly to see how things are going in furrin' parts.

Around 6:00pm or so it started to occur to me that I needed to be sober at 6:45pm. I, um, did the best I could.

At least I made it to the bar without incident.

Setup went pretty fast, and by 8:00pm I was ready to go. Of course, the bar contained myself, Lily, writenwrong and supersixy. By round 3, things improved considerably when trivialt joined us.

And that's been it so far. We're on the 6th rotation right now. It'll be interesting to see when the suggestions that we close early will start...

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*big shit-eating grin*