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Bruce [userpic]

Not much more exciting happened Saturday. I talked to my parents until 10:00pm or so, headed home, futzed around kinda uselessly, and got myself to bed around 2:00am.

Today I got myself up in time to make it to markobellydance and celticnoor's party for their baseball team. Definitely a nice party, with the usual complement of nice people.

I jumped from group to group, but probably hung out the most with timenchanter, cekyr0, jeffercine, and Ken B. Well, and sort of Debbie. Quite a nice little text message convo with the Empress.

Oh - I also got a voicemail from lizzstar in Guam this morning. I - or more precisely my phone - unfortunately slept through it. I'll likely be calling her shortly to see how things are going in furrin' parts.

Around 6:00pm or so it started to occur to me that I needed to be sober at 6:45pm. I, um, did the best I could.

At least I made it to the bar without incident.

Setup went pretty fast, and by 8:00pm I was ready to go. Of course, the bar contained myself, Lily, writenwrong and supersixy. By round 3, things improved considerably when trivialt joined us.

And that's been it so far. We're on the 6th rotation right now. It'll be interesting to see when the suggestions that we close early will start...

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LOL...well, I don't normally like to close early, for the same reason's you've documented as well. Once we start doing that, people don't know if we are going to be open or closed, and who wants to drive to a bar that may or may not be open.

But...considering all that happend....maybe we should have closed early....LOL

Nah - Woody was pretty fucked up when he got there.

Having him smash a couple of cars in the parking lot may have prevented him from going out and killing a few people on the freeway.

True. Although I am sad that I didn't get to see him 'cuffed on the curb.

*le sigh* maybe next time.

Awww - there's more to life than appearing on COPS.

That's the first time I've seen that at the bar in something like 5 years. I can wait as long or longer for the next time.

Of course, if you work Saturdays, you've got a greater chance of mayhem...

If I had stayed longer, he might have smashed into my car. To which, I would hope he was going fast enough to seriously crunch it.

Of course the chances of him totalling it as such a low speed, are low indeed. "le sigh".

It's just so hard to get a sufficiently cooperative drunk.

Yeah, while he messed up Shawn's door pretty badly (and sprayed the interior of the car with window glass), he didn't quite do enough to total the vehicle.

Well, it might have totalled mine. But I drive a '97 Escort I bought something like 3 years ago for $1700...

I have GAP insurance. Should someone hit my car, it would be a blessing. Because it would be paid off, and I would be rid of it.

I kind of figured.

*big shit-eating grin*

Wow! I'm kinda glad I wasn't there after all. My car doesn't need anymore damage to it. I was contemplating on stopping by but due to my two interviews in the morning I figured sleep was more important. Maybe I'll stop by tonight.