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I never made it to Guitar Center last night. Instead, I dropped $30 at one of those in-mall massage places, and got myself a half-hour massage.

Extremely painful. Very nice.

It didn't quite "fix" anything, but it at least temporarily moved the occasional extreme pain in my left arm to a more diffuse one in my back, with the result that at least for a while, I can use that arm without crying.

That dealt with one of my fears - the problem is simply my usual twisted back, as opposed to, say, bone spurs.

From there I mde my way to KoC, and hung out through Nemesis. Apparently, through the second-to-last Nemesis.

lynxcat didn't want to tell Paula, to avoid drama, but at least thebatt did. It's all very well to try to keep things calm, but she needs to figure out what she's doing in two weeks.

I ended up spending most of the night talking to a guy whose name I can't for the life of me remember. He was part of the whole Dr. Pickles/Monkey Boy group that used to go to most clubs.

We largely spent our time researching home windmills online.

Otherwise, I hung out a bit, paid those bills off I've been babbling about, and ordered a mic stand and clip online. Hopefully it'll be OK. It uses a standard twist clamp adjustment, and it's amazing what some customers will do with those.

timenchanter was bartending. We left the place at close, and then went off to the Mini Gourmet for some food.

Then home, and sleep. And up at about noon, followed by more sleep.

I didn't wake up until about 3:50pm, and didn't leave the house until 5:00pm.

I was of course supposed to be at my parents' place at 3:00pm. But they're unfortunately used to me being a flake.

Still, I've done several tasks for them, including one for which only I had the right tool. I mean, really - that whole workshop and not a single impact wrench?

Mom actually cooked tonight. She's been getting tired of the prepackaged meals they've been buying. So tonight was some very yummy salmon, asparagus, and potatos.

And I need to go help her with the cleanup.

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