Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Last night continued pretty much as well as it started. I finished just before 2:00am at the end of the 5th or 6th round (I forget), and that only because enough people left at 1:30am to fit another one in.

I was packed up and out of there by 2:30am, and made my way over to Denny's, where I imposed on dwo, spawrhawk, 777echelon, Caesar, and some guy who was with Caesar.

Much joking around. It was funny - I made a particularly raunchy joke, and someone said something like "and the straight guy said that!"

I guess everyone's a little bit racist.

Today I didn't really get up and ready to go until just before 5:00pm. I ran off to my bank, and threw some cash at my checking account.

The idea was then to find a quiet restaurant, set up the laptop, and pay some bills.

I got to the Cheesecake Factory, and certainly got the laptop going. I guess two out of three isn't too bad...

I've walked the mall a while to try and work off some of the key lime cheesecake. I spent a little while playing with the new Palm Centro. Not bad in terms of packaging, though it's basically my phone, including inadequate battery and moribund OS, in a smaller form factor.

I'll wait for the new OS, or one of the Palm API wrappers for a different one.

From here, I'll likely head over to Guitar Center (if they're still open), and check out mic stand prices.

And I'll probably be at Nemesis later tonight, since timenchanter is bartending.

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