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Hopefully Out of my System

Yesterday was another dragging one.  Woke up enough to do lunch with, well, timenchanter, of course.  Then back to bed.  Got to the show early for once, but apex had decided to do some rewiring, and the report I got of it from bluize was slightly garbled.  So I spent a huge amount of time checking over the system, and finally finding the one slider switch on the back of the one amp that had been changed.

I'm going to have to drop in on a Wednesday and see how things are.  The system works quite well for me, but then despite all of Kris' attempts, I try to keep volume levels where (1) it's possible to talk, and (2) an evening at the show only results in minor ear damage.

Dani apparently spends her nights overdriving the amps, and has discovered that when they run hot enough to blow, there's a lot of distortion.  I'm shocked.  Anyway, she wants to bring in her own amps, if only to test, which is probably a good idea.  She'll then just have to deal with the crappy speaker wiring...

The show was quite pleasant.  It was slow for a Thursday, at least until around 11:30 when 15 people walked in and decided to sign up all at once.  It was marred on my side by a nagging headache, that didn't really get worse, but didn't get better, either.

I finally sang a new song (Rock On, which I think was known to 2 people in the bar when I sang it, me and Kaye), and also revived one I hadn't done for several years (Brand New Day).

unbreak_able was actually happy and bouncy, which is always great when it happens.  Janis showed up, and brought a couple of girlfriends, both of whom sang almost as well as her.  Apple and valeriesparks were also there for several hours.  So I certainly had lots of eye candy.

Joey was in town, and sang a song.  cekyr0 and jeffercine showed up, which is still rare enough to deserve comment.

I ran until 1:50, then talked to Dani about the system before tearing down.  By that time, unfortunately, the headache had proceeded to nausea, so I drove home doing my best not to throw up.  Much fun.  Got home, went straight to bed, slept it off.  Much better today.

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