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Bruce [userpic]
Unbalanced Act

In typical fashion, I didn't really get up and out the door yesterday until 6:00pm. And, of course, UPS showed up with my discs about 3 minutes after I drove off. And this time, for some bizarre reason, they required a signature.

I was kind of counting on entering the discs last night.

Ah well. timenchanter and I made it to dinner_and pretty much on time, and had much fun. How could we not? There was cekyr0 and jeffercine and wissavix and princesskiti22 (I'm afraid that's a squee, Jim) and celticnoor and Leila and...

That actually covers a fair fraction of the attendees. More than last week, but certainly not crowded.

Very nice.

Around midnight, everyone had gone - or was going - to bed, so I packed Timmie in the car, and we headed for the bar to see Crossing Over. Timmie decided to nap in the car, and never woke up. I don't normally see him napping on a bar stool...

I got involved in a very nice set of conversations with writenwrong, Lily, and later kizmet100. In the end, we left a little after 2:00pm, and Timmie zombied his way into bed.

I nodded off a few hours after that.

Today, I started getting up around 9:00am, and finished around, oh, 1:30pm. Mostly due to Digger, an excellent webcomic, which unfortunately starts being a pay one after the 218th page or so.

So, anyway, I got the discs, stopped at Panera for lunch and data entry, then went home to actually scan the discs, check the songs, update things, and print out update sheets.

This means, by the way, that I have a whole bunch of new songs - mostly Disney. Check it out.

It also means I didn't get to the bar until about 7:50pm. Which worked out fine. I was actually set up by 8:30pm, but only had myself and moahb signed up by that point.

So I played about 15 minutes of movies, then started. And it's picked up fairly nicely. The first rotation expanded to 11 people, including trivialt, tazja714, and a hooky-playing supersniffles.

The second rotation looks like it's going to be about 15 long, including a timenchanter who came down to see jorgitoelcubano. It's far from a crowded night, but it's definitely a cool one. We even have a couple of new people that seem to be having a good time.

And Stanley bought us all pizza!

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The in-context arrangement of "A Whole New World"? Not just the "Let's find some b-list singers to re-record this and make it radio-friendly, because nobody will ever want to hear the REAL song" version?


I have an incredibly fond memory of sitting in the office at the Century Park 12, doing paperwork, with my manager on the other side of the room as this soundtrack was playing. "A Whole New World" came on, and Robert started singing. I don't know if he was expecting me to come in on Jasmine's part, but we finished the song together, both still working on our respective paperwork. I grinned like a fool for a good ten minutes afterward.

Now I just need someone to sing it with me....

Honey, it's a gay bar.

That won't be a problem. And if it is, I'll fill in. Maybe not well, mind you...

Honey, it's a gay bar.


Yeah for Stan! and yeah for Pizza! Again thanks for buying a raffle ticket. :) you and stan were the only ones. :)

No problem, dear. It was $2, and a good cause. I'm surprised you couldn't sell more.

Yeah~ le sigh