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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
Heh Heh

Oh supersniffles! It's temptation calling!

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: amusedamused

Might the connoisseurs compare and contrast with this definitely local purveyor?

Yes, but does Dark Garden make a Choo-Choo Bear pink corset?

Re: WTF is Choo-Choo Bear?!

Eh - I think she's fine, though she's not exactly good, um, corset material.

Getting a full idea of the awesomeness that is Choo-Choo Bear would require extensive reading of Something Positive, but you could also just check out the Cliffs Notes version.

Re: WTF is Choo-Choo Bear?!

She might be more appealing with a different hairstyle.

I think all of you need a good dose of satori, tolerance, or de gustibus non disputandem.

but it seems to me that there is a definite difference in the clientele of the two, and I'm not qualified to figure out what it is.

you are a bad bad man. I want some vixen for xmas

Why thank you, dear!

Personally, I've been wanting a vixen for Christmas for quite a while, now...